Watch Kojima receive his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brazil Game Show

At the Brazil Game Show 2017, taking place October 11 – 15, Hideo Kojima was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for his accomplishments throughout his 30 year career.

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Xenophon_York59d ago

Well-deserved and to be one of many. Just wait till Death Stranding hits.

TheSinsibleOne59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Congrats to him. A complete legend. He's solely responsible for me loving games. Just wish he finished MGS 5. Gave it more of a story rather then focusing on the open world crap. Ruined the MGS series with that lackluster game. Quiet saved it from being horrible.

Eidolon59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

She was're totally shipping Big Boss X Quiet.

datriax59d ago

lol wow. Make a few, arguably, good games, and get a "life-time" achievement award. World is in great shape.

Ickythump3159d ago

is it really arguable though?

leahcim59d ago

Please wash your hands before writing such shallow comments...
A developer with a saga of 5 main games that have an average score above 94 on metacritic. Multiple perfect scores given by the main critics of the videogame world from east to west on its main saga and spin off such as Peace Walker (a master piece also).
Considered a genius by many of his peers.
I really really believe that he deserves this kind of condecorations.

TheOttomatic9159d ago

Awesome to see, well deserved and I can’t wait till Death Stranding