I Changed my Mind About Final Fantasy XIII

Sometimes it pays to give games a second chance.

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Eonjay136d ago

I still say XIII-2 was one of the greatest games of last gen. Like absolute gold.

FallenAngel1984136d ago

FFXIII-2 was indeed an awesome game

cleft5135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I really enjoyed FF13 personally. A lot of people I knew felt the same way. Yes, FF13 is a heavily linear game, but I dont know when people started feeling like that was an issue for a jrpg. Nowadays we have all of these open world experiences and most of them dont really hold up. You can point to a few stellar examples like the Witcher 3. But there are so many open world games that are just go here and do X, over and over again. X is literally the same thing you have done before with no diversity in it whatsoever.

Personally, I prefer a directed experience that is well done. FF13 had some annoying characters as well, but even so I didnt hate most of the characters. I couldnt stand Snow and Vanille was annoying, but short of that I was willing to let it go. As far as Hope went, he was 13 and just experienced some really messed up stuff early on, so yeah he gets to be a bit whiny. It fits his character, but by the end of the game his character progressed in one of the best ways. Lightning may have been a bit on the cold hearted side, but it made sense for her character and at least she was willing to fight fate.

Overall, I still enjoyed FF13 a lot and the combat actually did have a lot of depth. But you know, people made snap decision based on the game initial story and that was a shame.

morganfell135d ago


While I didn't have an issue with the characters (over dramatization is at the core of many jprgs) I do agree heartily with the rest of your remarks. Particularly on the directed bit. It makes the story more cohesive. Also I found the combat to have more depth than some of the initial naysayers would have you believe. Paradigm choice and path pursuits to development to support those choices was particularly well handled.

iDadio136d ago

It was on steam sale for like a fiver and I passed it after much deliberation, gutted now as I hear quite a lot of good things about it.

morganfell135d ago

Still well worth the current price of $15.99

remixx116136d ago

I hated 13 2, preferred 13 more....well I shouldn't say hated. It was ok.

Elda135d ago

I agree.I think 13-2 was just stripped,only 2 players,didn't agree with the monster capturing to fight beside you,no summons & no Lightning.I thought it was boring & the 3rd Lightnings Returns was just a complete mess.The original is the best & should have left it without any sequels.

Docmortem135d ago

I liked 13 lots more too ... 13-2 was just a confusing mess to me.

TricksterArrow135d ago

The only bad thing about XIII-2 is that you have to play it's prologue that is XIII to get the full picture. Not only that, but that cliffhanger ending was terrible, as I have no desire to ever play XIII-3 (seems the weakest, although some people say the battle system is pretty fun). :T

Also, IMO, Serah is better than Lightning solely because she is more relatable and feels more like a human being.

Teflon02135d ago

I didn't like 13-2 much. I personally loved 13 and I always did. I was one of the people defending it from the get go. Glad to see people like it and it's not a bunch of people following a hate train anymore lol

xPaYDaYx135d ago

XIII-2's combat is arguably the best in the whole Ff franchise.

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Elda136d ago

At least every month I keep seeing these types of articles about FF-XIII.FF-XIII is one of my top tier FF games & I've been playing FF games since 93.Good to see some people playing the entire game & enjoying it.I still own my copy & my PS3,when I finally get into a drought of games & I don't know when that'll be I will boot it up again.

Lexreborn2136d ago

I’ve always stood by FF13 being a great game that just had a rough start. 13-2 has superior gameplay but a bad story. I also LOVED Fang! So much more of a likeable protagonist then Lightning.

Godmars290135d ago


ffs: FF13-2 *IS NOT* FF13!

If FF13 required two sequels, two separate games, in order to be "good" then FF13 itself was. Not. Good.

You want to go to the old standby of "That's just your opinion man," fine. Lets just forget that Square has gotten into the habit of putting out a bad game, rely on franchise popularity and lore for sales, then milk the fan base through DLC and sequels under claim of "fixing' things.

Teflon02135d ago

They never said 132 was the same game. It's a series though. They mentioned that the second FFXIII was better gameplay wise but not story

Rask136d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again, you may dislike the game, it's understandable, but FF XIII has the best turn-based battle system of the series.

Elda135d ago

Absolutely! The Paradigm Shift was fast frantic & furious!

Teflon02135d ago

I've been saying this for years, it's an evolution of the system that requires alot more thought and looks alot better to watch. It's a better system. Most people who complained never played or keeps hitting autobattle like that's fun. Can't get you through the harder battles later.

Elda135d ago

Agreed! FF XIII was the first FF where I died a lot.If you don't know what you're doing it's "Game Over"

cleft5135d ago

I completely agree with you.

spartanlemur135d ago

No way. It has the worst turn-based battle of the series.

I thought the story was OK and music great, but it was ruined by awful battles.

The old ATB system was far better.

Elda135d ago

Your opinion but everything about FFXIII was great except for the messy lure of a story though the story of each character was quite interesting.The OST was amazing!!

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staticall136d ago

While main story plot was a mess (all i remember from it - it had Coccoon, l'Cie, fal'Cie, crystals and a black guy with chocobo nest in this head (or hair)), gameplay was good enough. Side missions weren't that enjoyable. And that "Treasure Hunter" trophy was the worst thing about the game for me, i spent so many hours trying to find out what i was missing and then grinding to get it.

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