Making Final Fantasy 15 on console was 100x more difficult than the Windows Edition

Tabata admits that developing a PC version of the game has been an absolute cinch compared to FFXV’s console release

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Movefasta199398d ago

'Indeed, sales for Square Enix’s previously released Final Fantasy titles on PC have been “strong,” ' hell yeah!This gen has seen a huge rise in Japanese games for steam.

starchild98d ago

Yeah, there has been more and more Japanese games coming to PC and I love it. I can't wait for Nioh next month.

indyman7797d ago

Every PORT is 100x easier. You have already made the game. If I make a game on Xbox one and port it to PS4 the PS4 version will be 100x easier. Same the other way around.

AZRoboto98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

With affordable six core processors out now for both AMD and Intel, I'm stoked to see how close it can get to hit 4k 60fps with a GTX 1080.

If it's 100x easier, maybe they should rethink making the easiest platform to dev for release almost 18 months after the base game.

Cupofjoe98d ago

Nope moneys in consoles not pc

NiteX98d ago

So if I open up my PS4 there will be money inside?

starchild98d ago

Wrong. PC generates more game sales revenue than any single console. More and more games are coming to PC too, which is further evidence that devs/publishers know the PC is a thriving game platform.

Harkins172198d ago

TW3 wouldnt have happened without consoles.

jebabcock98d ago

Im going to need some references for that claim. I suspect pc revenue is mostly people buying into nostalgia with 5 dollar retro games on steam.
If we are talking new releases for AAA games, ive not seen any evidence that pc remotely competes with console sales.

bluefox75597d ago (Edited 97d ago )

The point is, most big name AAA titles do better on console. PC has some megapopular games, but they are the exception, not the rule.

TankCrossing97d ago

@Harkins maybe so, but we'd have none of that trilogy without PC.

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NiteX98d ago

Still waiting for FF XII Zodiac Age.

franwex98d ago

I hope they port that to other platforms also. It’s actually one of my favorite final fantasy games, i think it would be great if other people get a chance to play it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.