Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Sells an Estimated 596,000 Units First Week at Retail

The action adventure game from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - sold 596,237 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates

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RommyReigns251d ago

Chapter 9 is a masterpiece to behold, all the set piece elements learned from throughout the years of Uncharted all jumbled into one chapter of epicness.

Goozex251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I heard nothing but positive reviews and possibly the best new entry in the series. Come on ND expand the uncharted universe with more games!!

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Nyxus252d ago

Let me guess, it's a flop compared to the PS4 user base?

In any case, nice that it did well, the game deserves it.

AspiringProGenji252d ago

Wait until they get out of high school to come and say that

V0LT251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Considering the install base, this is a flop.

S2Killinit251d ago

Ah let him bicker, and just enjoy the game.

UCForce251d ago

Nope. This is standalone game. But I'm glad to see retailers are still important.

Dark_Knightmare2251d ago

You could literally say that about every exclusive. Seriously fanboys like you are so pathetic bringing up that excuse as if anyone besides trolls and fanboys are dumb enough to even try to use that excuse.

Ceaser9857361251d ago

"Considering the install base, this is a flop."
Then every xbox games a flop... Hell! all the best games out there is a flop if i go by your immature Logic ...

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alb1899251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

But then Cuphead did very well on steam been a new game with 500,000. How many on Xbox still don't know.
Why did I bring it up? Because some of you said it wasn't a success. Double standard

goken251d ago

yes i was thinking about the 500k cuphead sold on steam as well.
both games are quite successful and well received.
uncharted LL might be the last uncharted from naughty dog, which is a big bonus. let's just appreciate a great game from a great series by a grear developer, and hope that there will be many more to come

welly300251d ago

So how many pc s are out in the wild so its a massive flop 😁

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moegooner88251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

There are around 125 million active Steam accounts; more than double the PS4 userbase, and these are supposedly the retail only sales of Uncharted TLL. If you wanted to make a direct comparison, you really didn’t do your argument any favour.

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Markusb33251d ago

Yeah that narrative makes me laugh when you see exclusive titles on another system and use the same logic based on maybe 25 mullion. Funny how everyone doesn't like the same games, almost like people have free will and different tastes. Good job sonys library is large and diverse.

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Xerneas251d ago

Wow...a big drop off from UC4

With the free preorder bonus game, why aren't people lapping this up in droves?

Razzer251d ago

The UC4 first week numbers weretotal sales of digital and physical. Vgchartz guess-timate is only physical sales. Wait for official Sony numbers.

Cryptcuzz251d ago

Watch Sony come out and say they have sold more than a million LMAO. Then all these trolling comments from the usuals would be for nothing.

It's fun to gauge sales this way, but with sales for this game, one would have to factor in physical sales, digital sales and how many people bought the season pass for Uncharted 4 that ended up getting Lost Legacy for free.

PhoenixUp251d ago

Were you really expecting a standalone expansion to sell as well as the main installment? 😑

Way to fail at downplaying this

subtenko251d ago

I didnt get it, not that i dont wanna play it cause i looove uc4 but I already have uc4 and im busy and I sitll need to play online more, and all these other exclusives on ps4 and the psvr games, and life....then theres PC games I have.....when I game its mostly playstation yall but theres sooo muuuuch to do

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WeebLord251d ago

If it did sell in the 500k range, that's pretty good for a smaller physical release of a stand alone game. But you know, let's keep comparing apples and oranges it's a great use of everyones time.

Dark_Knightmare2251d ago

One because this is physical only and two because tons of people got it free from the season pass. With that said this is still really good for a standalone release and probably did just as good digital

Xerneas251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

It's Uncharted, one would have expected a little more, I'd think.

DarXyde251d ago

This number does not count the downloads or people who bought the season pass.

UCForce251d ago

It's a standalone, not a fully fledged sequel.

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