Xbox One X Doesn't Have the Exclusives It Needs for a Good Launch

It’s a shame really. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever built. It’s a fact that no one can deny and while this certainly gives some bragging points to Microsoft, there’s a big factor which just isn’t being filled by the company. The games. The Xbox One X has no real exclusives launching with it or around it. As a result, why should anyone upgrade when there’s nothing currently available that makes the most of the new technology? Sure third-party support is there for it but where’s the first party?

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TRU3_GAM3R348d ago

Did they announced 22 console exclusive in the last conference? beside forza 7

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Eonjay348d ago

Super Lucky's Tale!
Also, completely ignoring the fact about indie timed 'exclusives' this article is about first party support.
Keep up man.

TRU3_GAM3R348d ago

I forgot Crackdown 3 State of decay 2 sea of thieves

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Eonjay347d ago

Everyone forgot about those and you forgot you were talking about launch games.

DJStotty347d ago


Its not a new generation, it doesnt need launch exclusives, just like the PS4 Pro didnt need/have launch exclusives

WePlayDirty348d ago

No they didn’t. They announced 15 games that were exclusive. And amongst those games, only 7 of them were labeled as console exclusive. The other 8 were console launch exclusive.

ziggurcat347d ago

console launch exclusives which, Spencer clarified, means timed exclusive.

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SCW1982348d ago

Which is okay because its an upgrade like the Pro not a brand new console. The Issue isn't the ONE X its Microsoft's catalog in general.

Eonjay348d ago

Agreed. The released two games all year (three if you count Super Lucky's Tale).
Thats the problem.

spreadlove348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

There doesn't seem to be a problem at all. The Xbox One X standard edition is sold out at Amazon, Target and Walmart. Maybe Best Buy or GameStop is next.

So far, the Xbox One X has outsold the PS4 Pro this year on Amazon too. A whole years worth of sale, condensed into just preorders and we don't know how much of a gap it is too. The demand is insanely strong.

bluefox755347d ago

@spread That's not true at all, laughable quite frankly. Sony said 1 in 5 Playstation sales are PS4 Pro. There's no way in hell that Xbox One X will ever even come close, much less catch up.

Eonjay347d ago (Edited 347d ago )


Look, the NES and SNES have both ranked higher and the Xbox One X: Scorpio, which Microsoft already knows will be outsold by the S which isn't on the yearly chart at all. Are you sure the demand is as strong as you think it is? Maybe the scalpers have you fooled too.

theXtReMe1348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Totally agree. The thing is, Microsoft has one hell of a catalogue to pull from... the problem is, they dismantled most of their first party studios and knowing that they have a first party problem, they havent formed any new ones. Games like Project Gotham, Blinx, Crimson Skies(which is finally getting a sequel, though not for 2-3 years), Perfect Dark, Conker, Kameo, Alan Wake, Brute Force, Fable, Blue Dragon, Freelancer, Mechwarrior, etc... have all been dormant, many of which deserve sequels.

The problem is... even if Microsoft desides to bring back any of these games or make new ones,its going to be 3 or more years until we see them. So, I suggest to Microsoft... the Xbox 2 could have a great launch lineup, if you start making these games now. Otherwise, youre going to be in the same situation you are now, next generation. With a great machine, but mostly third party games to play on it. What incentive does that give people to come to or switch to your brand? Its first party games that truly push the hardware and give people a reason to play.

I dont understand their hesitance in finding talented studios to purchase. Microsoft has all of the money in the world to make it happen, they just have to make the commitment to do so. Which is why I truly think they are more committed to services rather than hardware or software. Giving developers a platform, like Steam, to create for. Then... handing hardware off to third party manufacturers, like 3DO did. It relieves them of all of the costs, while providing the service for both hardware and software manufacturers to sell their products through. Steam did it backwards, making the service first and then trying to create the platform to run it on. Which failed on the hardware front. Microsoft has a dedicated following of hardware fans, that its creating the service(Live) around. Get people used to buying the Xbox branded hardware and you make money on the hardware design, software and services.

DaNineTwo347d ago

Exactly. I love my Xbox, but it is really getting frustrating knowing the games are lacking. For the past few months, I've been waiting for Forza 7 - to play a bit now until I get my One X, when I'll play it to all hell - but the game is a HUGE disappointment. The 1 game I was thinking, yeah, they have a solid game to show off the X's power and it just ended in flames. I really don't know what Microsoft is thinking, because everyone says they're just Forza, Gears, and Halo, and they keep fucking those up. If they have no good games next year, I'll sell my Xbox because there'll be no point in having it. I hope Microsoft is able to pull a 180, but then again that hope has been there since the One launched.

choujij347d ago

I totally hear you. And it's unfortunate that the moldybreads of the fanbase don't understand what you're saying and continue to make excuses or twist things in a positive PR way, which does a huge disservice to fans like you that expect more. My advice is that, when companies don't listen, speak with your wallet.

Relientk77348d ago

They don't have exclusives

Deep-throat348d ago

Sony doesn't own Nioh, Persona 5, Yakuzas. They all will come to Microsoft's Windows.

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TomatoDragon347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Pays to do research, and like somebody else said...Steam isn't MS.

LandoCalrissiano347d ago

Besides, a bunch of Japanese games like those aren't very enticing. Quality over numbers. Really only 1 Sony exclusive that caught my attention was Detroit.

Elda347d ago

Not coming to Windows.

Razzer347d ago

Only Nioh. The rest....probably not.

UCForce347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Now you are just being hypocritical. Nioh is coming to Steam, not Windows. Even Stream and Windows are on PC, but they have two different functions. Like Hellblade is only on PS4 and PC (Stream). Steam is a freedom system that allows developers to create whatever they want. Microsoft Windows are way too restricted.

notachance347d ago

wow deep-throat with yet another stupid statement

nitus10347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Like it or not Microsoft Windows is an operating system with the latest release being MS Windows 10 and is currently about 29.09% of the total desktop market with MS Windows 7 being about 47.21%. https://www.netmarketshare....

If you are a software developer you normally target the largest market demographic (business 101) and that predominately is for the desktop/laptop which will be Microsoft Windows. Of course in the smartphone market, the opposite is true since Android (Linux Kernel) and Apple (iOS) dominate.

What is interesting about the desktop/laptop market is the fact that software developers don't have to pay Microsoft any fees to develop for MS Operating System unless Microsoft has a hand in the development or is a publisher. Game resellers such as Steam, GoG ... etc don't pay any fees to Microsoft unless the particular product is being sold by the Windows Store.

BTW. I left off the tablet operating system which breaks down in 2017 to iOS (25.63%), Android (61.06%) and Windows (13.31%). It should be noted that trends are given to 2020 but the tablet market is volatile and other sites give radically different views.

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Unspoken347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Steam runs on Windows. The game will require Windows lol

yeahright2347d ago

I don't think you know how PC gaming works.

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