Crazy Justice Aims to Bring 'Battle Royale' Action to the Nintendo Switch

Black Riddles Studios - a small independent company - is trying to step into the void, announcing through its Fig crowdfunding campaign that its game - Crazy Justice - is now targeting the Switch for Q2 2018.

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LeeU433d ago

This is a pretty smart move business-wise. Wonder how cross-platform is going to work on this one. That possibly interests me the most

BlackRiddles433d ago

Thank you so much! :D We're always happy to see feedbacks like yours :D

LeeU433d ago

I would love to know more about this project. Will reach out soon

BlackRiddles433d ago

You can read and get more infos about the game here:

About30Ninjas432d ago

This game looks like alot of fun I will pick this up for the switch