Gran Turismo Sport fixes the series' racing - but at what cost? | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "Such is the rub with Gran Turismo Sport, a game whose new focus brings about plenty of pleasant surprises, but which has also caused a fair number of casualties along the way. Whether that new emphasis makes up for all that's been lost remains to be seen - but it's certainly been fun playing a Gran Turismo that's got an all-new sense of purpose."

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AspiringProGenji347d ago

I love the new direction. PD wants you to have an actual career on this game and compete with people worldwide. Le't hope the servers help the achieve this smoothly

Kribwalker347d ago

i don’t like the idea you can’t progress your character if you aren’t online. it pretty much makes it an always online game, since anything else you do offline is useless

AspiringProGenji347d ago

Excuse friend, but you need online for every MP game to progress your character and stats. You can always play campaign and arcade to get better at the game and be ready to compete online

Kribwalker347d ago

you can’t progress your character at all. when the servers were down during the demo it said all you can do is arcade mode, it said you can’t even save
i remember a lot of outcry when the last NFS was announced as always online, which this is essentially the same thing. what happens when the servers go offline?

AspiringProGenji347d ago

Do you even read what you type? Oh so that is your intention all along; cry about people not complaining about online like they did NFS? Really?

Kribwalker347d ago

it’s a legit concern. if i can’t move my player forward when its offline what happens in a couple years if the servers go down?

darthv72346d ago

Well isn't that the idea of earning points and improving your career? I mean you can't earn points if you simply race yourself. you can improve your skills but (like in real life racing) if you want to go up in class you need to go against other drivers in actual races.

Offline mode can be seen as just training. Lots and lots of training until you are ready to go against others around the world.

AspiringProGenji346d ago

That is how it is supposed to be @darth. You can still earn milleage points, credits, and so on to get cars and and other stuff for online. It is obvious that you can’t earn ranks offline: what other game lets you earn online ranks without playing online?

The_Sage346d ago

Come on Krib... You don't like the idea that it's on PlayStation.

Kribwalker346d ago

“You can still earn milleage points, credits, and so on to get cars and and other stuff for online.”

that is part of your character progression, and it says your character wont progress if you aren’t online. all you get is arcade races, but it says it doesn’t progress

346d ago
AspiringProGenji346d ago

I’ll have to test that myself then

Aenea346d ago

Plenty of games that do the same thing, like Destiny for instance...

Kribwalker346d ago

so do other MMOs, but this is a racing game, not an mmo. you should be able to do arcade races (only a few options are available in the arcade mode offline and not all of it either) and unlock cars earn credits etc like that but you can’t if it’s offline

Xerneas345d ago


"i remember a lot of outcry when the last NFS was announced as always online, which this is essentially the same thing. what happens when the servers go offline?"


I even forgot about NFS. Seriously, screw this. Provide a proper SP campaign.

rainslacker345d ago

I'm about as disappointed as i can be about there being no career mode, but this is pretty much an online only game. Progression of your "character" happens online so complaining about it doesn't mean much.

While I'm not a fan of no games, I don't complain that a game doesn't offer an offline mode as a reason to act concerned about a game, or try to paint others as hypocrites. If People want what gt used to be in the career modes, this game isn't for them. That's why I'm not buying it. But the devs.were open about what it would do, so it's easy enough take an informed decision

freshslicepizza345d ago

This is a brilliant move. This way Sony can get even more Playstation Plus memeberships, especially in Japan where I imagine lots of PS4 owners don't have it. What better way than to use one of your biggest IP's and make it virtually an online only game.

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bluefox755346d ago

I really like it too, I was honestly pretty skeptical early on, but after the demo my faith is restored. Game looks and plays fantastic.

frostypants346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I might have to return to GT...been away a long time because it started to feel more about having lots of pretty cars than the racing. Ideally we'd have both, but if I had to choose, I'd always choose the focus on racing and online. I know it's not for everyone, but I personally almost never play racing games offline.

mcstorm346d ago

I'm with you on this the only one I play offline is Forza due to Drivatars as it is like being online but I play all others online it is a lot more fun esp when you get good drivers and not people who cant drive or bump you off the track.

frostypants345d ago

@mcstorm yeah, and GT's new system to encourage clean driving sounds pretty awesome.

AspiringProGenji346d ago

so it is true that car manufactures don;t like damage models in racing games. Can people shut up and stop blaming the devs about that at last?

bloop346d ago

@Aspiring: We hear this with every iteration of GT yet there's plenty of other racers with the same vehicle roster as GT that have full on damage models. Go figure.

AspiringProGenji345d ago

Gran Turismo is the one which has the FIA license tho, there may be more pressure on them because of that. Besides the damage in other racins are not that big so I bet thet are also being limited witn that

bloop345d ago

I don't see why having an FIA licence would restrict them from having a full damage model? They've been using this "deal" excuse since GT1. The damage in GT is miniscule compared to other racers. Even just taking PC2 for example, the cars can be completely wrecked cosmetically, compared to an odd dent and some scraped paint in GT. I fail to see how the car companies seem to have no problem with their cars getting wrecked in one franchise but not another. It doesn't make any sense.

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ludicrous345d ago

I think the issue is GTs requires online to save your progress, this including single player "offline". So what happen if u r doing endurance race and u got disconnected? Seem like a very questionable design choice.

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DeadSilence347d ago

Even EuroGamer impressed and compares GT with PC best ever sim? WOW PD WOOW

XStation4pio_Pro346d ago

Did you read the whole thing?? Cuz they say it’s missing a lot and actually basically saying Gran Turismo is the last of the racing games to implement what pc racers were doing. It’s basically playing catch-up.

AspiringProGenji346d ago

It also says this new direction is paying off for now. We will have to wait for the full version to see how it all ties together

SierraGuy345d ago

Yeah Eurogamer give your head a shake. How much did MS pay you for this article?

ninsigma347d ago

The beta is a joy to play. When shown they weren't going to have a proper offline campaign it was a no buy from me but I think I'll get it now!

2pacalypsenow346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Unfortunately GT Sport is not for me, ill be sticking with GT6 or F7, until they release a new Gran Turismo with a full career mode like they have been since 1997.

Matrix6346d ago

Apart from GT6, there was always a smaller entry released before a numbered game. So, as tradition, we should expect a full game next.

goken346d ago

i hope they have a full traditional GT game... but from what i read so far... PD seems to be indicating they have no plans. i that's not the case

SierraGuy345d ago

Or an update that adds offline career mode...guys the full game hasn't even released yet.

Xerneas345d ago

"until they release a new Gran Turismo with a full career mode like they have been since 1997."

Yes. This is one of the main features the series is popular for.

UCForce346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

It's seem they are very impressed by GT Sports. But I have to wait and see. Because GT Sports did lose some the old elements from old GT games.

Imalwaysright346d ago

Elements? It lost its identity, lost what GT has always been about: singleplayer career mode.

UCForce346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Like I said, it did casualty a lot of it and I do think it lost its identity. I did rewrite my mind about this 2 days ago. Sure, it will get low review than Forza Motorsport 7 because the lack of single player career mode, and do I think PD deserve to get criticized because of it ? Yes.

343_Guilty_Spark346d ago

Didn’t sound like a glowing preview to me. Seems like an okay racer nonetheless.

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