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The Evil Within 2 is a return to the action-oriented, third-person Resident Evil gameplay that Shinji Mikami created. But it's not what you were expecting.

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Nacho_Z342d ago

Enjoyable review, I particularly liked this bit:

"Sebastian can go from blithely blowing the head off of a giant woman created from the leftover bits of other women, before being astounded by a blue curtain. "What's this about?" he asks, before peering behind it. It's a curtain, mate."

Chaosdreams342d ago

Hahaha. Well I just got my laugh of the morning. That's a good quote.

FullmetalRoyale342d ago

I thought to myself how it’d be funny if in the sequel they’d react too much to the Sebastian criticism of the first, and have him overly reacting to every little thing he saw.
As someone who found TeW plenty scary, where I usually played for hour long sessions, I feel a little mixed about it being more action oriented. I genuinely was scared playing TeW, and it made for a very memorable experience. I also really dug the story, though it wasn’t told in the best way.
By the end of the game I was kicking doors open(a habit I started incorporating earlier on as a kind of puffer fish tactic), so I will play on hard difficulty to ensure that it’s tense.
I also like the open suburb/linear section approach on paper. I’m patient, so I think it’ll be a lot of fun to slink around bigger areas, while still having what made the first so great.

342d ago
shepherdzeMan342d ago

Not what YOU were expecting , exactly what i was expecting . Great Game .... personally 9/10

Xenophon_York342d ago

As much as Bethesda has been advertising this game makes me leery. Not to mention how there was absolutely zero respect paid for multiple national tragedies. One of which was when Bethesda had the Twitter campaign 'The World Gets More Evil' on the day after Las Vegas nightmare.

jznrpg342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

As long as they make video I want to play I could care less what they respect. Why do so many feel that companies and people must feel the way I do, why cant we seperate things anymore and let people believe what they want and agree to disagree and still be respectful to each other

Oninioh342d ago

No one is obligated to "pay respect" (smh) to any tragedy whatsoever. Get over yourself and your fake moral high ground.