Latest gameplay video for Spintires: MudRunner pits you against the elements

Neil writes "If you've been keeping a close eye on the progression and development of Spintires: MudRunner then you will already know all about the near-photorealistic visuals and incredible physics that have been promised. Today though we get a brand new gameplay video - and this one shows how MudRunner will reinvent the rules by offering plenty of new challenges and original experiences."

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Marcello309d ago

At first i thought wtf!? but watching that trailer it actually looks fun. This is what we need in Dayz or Fallout 4 to help build camps & settlements :D

Elwenil309d ago

I love Spintires, it's a brilliant off road game and tons of fun to explore and haul with huge trucks in crazy environments but the "challenging objectives" are basically just delivering logs and about the only extra challenge other than the mud and terrain is the awful controls trying to load one log at a time if you choose to load that way instead of the instant load option. Also, if there aren't any modded vehicles included on console, it's going to be a fairly dull game once you experience the few the base game has to offer. A lot of the fun is downloading new trucks and logging vehicles to try and custom maps to explore. If you don't have a PC this will be a good way to experience Spintires, but the console versions are going to be seriously lacking in comparison.