PEGI on Loot Boxes: We Can't Define What's Gambling, Only A Gambling Commission Can

On the topic of loot boxes, PEGI's Operations Director Dirk Bosmans stated that rating boards can't define what's gambling, only gambling commission can.

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LavaLampGoo347d ago

Everyone has been trying to warn the industry for ages now. They keep pushing their luck and a gambling commission will have to get involved.

codelyoko347d ago

I doubt they will do much. Big publishers will apply pressure...

zerocarnage347d ago

They're all starting to get into it, even big devs.

What is needed is a governing body that can stick by the gamer, one that is set up through law which can say no and by law can say no to these devs,pubs and company's.

I said at end of last gen when noticed it happening slowly that the industry is to unwatched, we need watchdog or something to apply pressure through the press and tv. When unregulated developers/publishers can do what they want with no care in the world for gamers or comebacks and can't be fined for all this, what they're doing to make extra money out of us is wrong and unjust, it is time that these greed approaching devs get some payback.

They earn enough off sales and season passes adding micro T's and lootboxes on full priced games is going to far.

ccgr347d ago

I hope they do step in or this will get out of hand

iDadio347d ago

It's a loophole in the industry that is now being exploited in most new releases which is a shame but greed is greed.

Look how long it took Valve to take action with csgo skin gambling, and even now it still happens.

XiNatsuDragnel347d ago

Gambling = lootboxes not too hard to see ESRB.

XbladeTeddy346d ago

Yeah, it is gambling. Needs to be regulated. Loot boxes could be a trigger for ex-gambling addicts playing the game, don't get why it's not regulated at all.

nowitzki2004346d ago

Maybe when they have empty loot boxes, when you gamble you can walk away with nothing. Loot boxes always give something.

XiNatsuDragnel346d ago

Nah man it's still gambling because your spending money to win million aka good stuff, while they'll give 0.50 cents stuff. Sounds like gambling to man.

nowitzki2004346d ago

I might not mind lootboxes because I never spent a penny on them, but have made close to $50 selling them on Steam.

WeedyOne346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

So if i make a slot machine that every time rewards you with at least 1 cent than it is no longer considered gambling by your logic...

Its gambling plain and simple.

The only way it wouldn't be gambling is if every prize you received in the box had an equal value however this is not the case with loot boxes as most have "tiers" such as common, rare, epic, legendary and you are not guaranteed to receive any of the higher tiered loot.

I wouldn't not have a problem with a gambling system in games IF the game also gave you the ability to buy the skin you want straight up but most games are locking their items behind this gambling wall and that is not OK.

Heroes of the Storm used to offer all skins for a price and i liked that system now with 2.0 they have introduced loot boxes and the only way to get skins is to gamble or wait for it to be a "featured item" that you can temporarily buy for real cash.

datriax347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Let's see here. I give money, on an undisclosed, arbitrary return that I'm uncertain of. Sounds like gambling to me.

Rocket science to some I guess.

Translation: "We can't define what's gambling, our pay cheques may get cut off if we do."

opinionated347d ago

Anything can be gambling in that sense. If I buy a game, I’m not certain of what that game entails or if it’s actually something I want. If I buy a game I know I’m getting a game, if I buy a loot box I’m getting a loot box. Where is the relevant gamble? It “looks and feels” like a slot machine? It’s not a slot machine.

The real question is do you want government regulation? Because that’s not rocket science, that’s ignorant leftist talk. Only a leftist would be itching for a government to get their foot in the door of video game regulation and pretend it would make things better. Do you believe your odds would be better if you regulated publishers like any other gambling industry lol. Not only would people still buy micro transactions, they would get crappier things (or nothing at all) based on very lenient regulations. Gambling regulation is not as “helpful” as you think.

Unless this is just a ploy to make games “illegal” in some states in an attempt to ban MTs. It would never work and I don’t think people are that smart to even attempt it. They just parrot the dictionary and string of bullshit that flows from sites like polygon. “Predatory loot boxing” says the publication that absolutely benefits from this since they constantly go on record playing games without any sense of competence. They need loot boxes more than anyone lol.

ClanPsi1347d ago

"ignorant leftist talk"
Why do c*nts always have to bring politics into everything?

zerocarnage347d ago

The gamble is the enticement, the in your face approach and the locking of content in the lootboxes that makes gamers feel they have to open them, then there is the randomness and usually crap odds that your not going to even get anything good at all.

opinionated346d ago

Exactly! Why do leftist c*nts always have to bring he government into everything? Government regulation is politics is it not?

Enticement isn’t gambling and I have never had to urge to buy a loot box. The odds also aren’t that bad. Most games with loot boxes give you the chance to “liquify” your duplicates and buy more crates. They also make guarantees like “one rare in every package” or whatever. It’s nothing like gambling other than aesthetic. You can’t regulate a game because it “looks” like gambling, that’s stupid.

subtenko346d ago

i agree wit the anything is gambling thing


blame the media, celebrity, virtue signalers (that includes gaming industry now unfortunately..)

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Zeref347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

I have already accepted lootboxes as long as they are fair. But I do think there should be regulations. China classifies it as gambling. I think they are right. Games that have lootboxes should automatically get an M or Pegi 18 rating for gambling.. That should deter publishers from using it. But they'll probably find another way and maybe find something even worse than lootboxes.

WePlayDirty347d ago

alot of Games that have these lootboxes are already M.

RommyReigns346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Like FIFA and their Ultimate Team packs, in a game rated PEGI 3?

Even PES 18 has gone into the act of slowing down MyClub progression compared to PES 17 and aiming for players to spend real money on MyClub coins, they've cut down on the daily login freebies (PES 17 freebies were generous especially with the MyClub coins, now in 18 they give sweet FA) and reduced the amount of free contracts and tactical boosts, trying to get people to spend money on MyClub coins to try and get the elusive Black Ball players and legends and to get high team spirit (chemistry - which this year is insultingly bad as a 90 team still gets beat by a crappy 75 chemistry team, definitely was not the case in PES 17).

WePlayDirty346d ago

I said a lot of games. Not e every game

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