Ed Boon Talks About Bringing Injustice 2 And NetherRealm Games To Nintendo Switch

Nothing has been confirmed, but the NetherRealm boss likes the idea of releasing games for Nintendo's hybrid console.

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MazeRunner404d ago

im hoping this will happen

Istolla403d ago

Me too. I just played injustice for the first time at Comic Con, and would love to be able to play it on the Switch. I think it would be amazing to challenge people on the go.

Silly gameAr403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Well, they had the first Injustice on the Wii U so I don't see why they wouldn't put their games on the Switch.

Segata403d ago

I think it uses UE4 in which case shouldn't be too hard to port it.

Mr Marvel403d ago

I'd buy MK9 or MKX for Switch, but I'm not interested in Injustice 2. I bought it for PS4 and got bored of it within a week or so.

Realplaya403d ago

He says the switch version would be hard but everyone else says the process is easy.

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