Why God Eater 3 Could Be Better Than Monster Hunter World

Capcom's Monster Hunter World is amazing. With new releases coming out every couple of years since 2004, the Monster Hunter series has had better than a decade to tweak and improve its metrics and game engine capability. Diverse characterization, stellar graphics, and an exciting storyline make Monster Hunter World competition next to none. But the latest game in the God Eater series, God Eater 3, may give Monster Hunter a run for its money. In a race to the top of adventure role-play gaming, it's God Eater vs monster hunter - which one will reign supreme?

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DarkOcelet428d ago

Doesn't really matters which one reigns supreme as long as both are great. 2018 is gonna be another awesome year for Japanese developers.

woodtock428d ago

Agreed. Why are Japanese game programmers better than American game programmers anyway?

naruga427d ago

while completely agree with wood ....there is no fing chance god Eater be a better game ...end of story

pietro1212426d ago

No, just no. That hasn't been the case for the last two generations for the most part.

bluefox755424d ago

Stupid generalized statement. There is tons of garbage from both Japanese and American developers.

FallenAngel1984428d ago

Even if it is that's not going to hurt Monster Hunter in the grand scheme of things

quantoxtech428d ago

If they make a HUGE step up from God Eater 2, then maybe. I doubt it will even be a contest otherwise.

showtimefolks427d ago

Is God eater 2 worth playing for its story and combat

FinalFantasyFanatic427d ago

It's a pretty fun game overall, it's like Monster Hunter Lite or a more casual version of Monster Hunter. I got the original game when it released on PSP and I got God Eater 2 with Resurrection for PS4 when it first launched. Personally I would like more variation in the landscape since it feels like the maps get reused too much. Bullets are OP when you unlock them, there's a decent variety in weapons and customization. I will be buying GE3 when it gets released.

Yi-Long427d ago

Hopefully this time they can be bothered to keep the Japanese voices included. Was interested in God Eater 2 but I never buy dub-only games (or movies), so interest quickly dropped when it became known they butchered out the original voices.

Yi-Long427d ago

Insecure American Yankeeboo spotted, threatened by the idea of people wanting their entertainment in the original language, regardless of what that language might be...

MeteorPanda427d ago

It may be too animeish to draw in a lot of new players while mhw also is catching the eye of many westerners.
According to my brother who plays cod, gow, pubg, etc whod never touch anime style games "it looks mad"-2017

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