It's a Myth That Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is Ignored, Exec Says

One of the Xbox One's standout features is backwards compatibility support for Xbox 360 games. There are more than 400 titles in the catalog right now, and the library is seemingly always growing. Microsoft is committed to backwards compatibility now and in the long run, Xbox boss Phil Spencer told GameSpot at the Brazil Game Show today.

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EatCrow347d ago

"I want to give gamers a choice. It's about growing gaming not being divisive and artificially trying to move you ahead. That's why Xbox One X plays the same games Xbox One S does. PC has done this for years. It's not rocket science in how you figure this out."

I scaling system in games is definitely a good addition.
I still replay old games every now and then through steam. I never have to let go of those games because of a new gen so I like that direction for consoles.

And yes I sell my old systems to give me money to buy and better afford the new systems...common sense.

spreadlove347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Phil Spencer is doing God's work again. Love Xbox commitment to ensuring my existing and past games continue to play on my current and future Xbox consoles. Not only does it play them, but it will also play them better!

Being able to play some of my favorite games all on one console like Mass Effect trilogy, and Red Dead Redemption is so awesome.

If you are on Xbox, you won't be left behind! Love it!

mcstorm347d ago

Yeah I'm glad Microsoft are looking at doing this and going forward will be a big plus when looking for your next upgrade. I still wonder what the up taking of the xbox one would of been like if it could play 360 games at the start of the gen but that's if buts and maybes. I wonder if Sony will follow this with the ps5.

Eonjay347d ago

Man! Tell me about it. About 4 years ago when I first heard about these systems, I was like:
OMG, I can't wait to play these same games on my new system! Now, God releases more 360 patches than new games for the system. I would only feel left behind if I wanted new games from them!

WilliamSheridan347d ago

I play some old games still, and there are tons that if they came over I'd love to play

Xenophon_York347d ago

It's a myth that it's a myth XBOX One backwards compatibility is [see: mostly] ignored. (We try to avoid 'absolutes' around here.)

Xenophon_York347d ago

Point blank: Time is of the essence. In other words, when a new generation comes along it introduces new games. There are dozens of games from XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 I loved to play when those systems were mainstream, but with current gen games (especially on PS4) it's difficult to find the time.

ShadowWolf712347d ago

Given that's all you've given them to play for almost a year, that's not surprising.

NeoGamer232347d ago

So what is Halo Wars 2, Forza Motorsports 7, and Cuphead?

Just because you are not interested in RTS games, a 4K racing simulator, or a very cool retro arcade style game does not mean there is nothing for the past year.

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The story is too old to be commented.