Gran Turismo Sport’s Beta Has More than One Million Players; Gets New Trailer and Commercials

Gran Turismo Sport gets lots of new videos from PlayStation branches around the world, while the beta passed one million players.

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IRetrouk306d ago

This game is going to do big numbers man, well deserved too based off the beta/demo. Gt is back!!

Cupid_Viper_3306d ago

I really loved the demo/beta/trial. Probably the best GT that I've played (Been playing GT since 1998) but I'll wait to get my new steering before saying that with 100% conviction.

I think Sony and PD were really smart to release a demo/trial for the game and let "GAMERS" see for themselves what the new direction is all about before anyone with an agenda can chime in. Obviously, some won't like it, but from what I gather on many forums and some personal friends is that most are pleasantly surprised by how much fun the game is.

Another thing is that this move by Sony and PD really puts the pressure on reviewers to actually be honest about their reviews. A million plus gamers have already experienced the game and have a pretty good idea of what to expect. So not only will troll reviews hold less weight (and you'd be surprised at the number of big publications that are guilty of this), but they'll also be much more easily exposed when they do so.

The next few days leading up to the release are going to be quite entertaining.

Knushwood Butt306d ago

100% agree.

My only concern at the moment is that at the rate the game hands out cars to people that actually play it, it may not take that long to aquire the base roster, but I expect PD to expand on this.

bouzebbal306d ago

very promising for the online when the game hits the shelves!

UltraNova306d ago

Yeah GTS is looking good for what it is, so far. Lets not forget that GTS is not a fully fledged GT game, it's a prologue on steroids.

nix306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Game is damn fun. after fighting the homicidal AIs of Project Cars, this game gave me so much peace. lol.

i just hope that the actual game does not support 'Always Online' because they were doing maintenance work once and i couldn't do anything after finishing the objective.

1 million is huge considering the size of the demo even if it's free.

Also the driving is good in this game. i felt so in ease with Merc AMG that i loved that car and all the super cars. Obviously i turned off all the safeties because i immediately noticed the car was braking on its own in the first race. Now the car behaves the way i expect it to. brilliant demo. i'm just sad that there's no proper Campaign like in the previous games. MP takes so much of time just to race once... ): thankfully i didn't meet stupid drivers so that was a good thing.

nX306d ago


I guess you have missed the fact that people still calling this game a prologue after all we've seen of it are officially idiots.

darthv72306d ago

I will be in the minority as I will buy this game but I dont have PS+ so I will lose out on the online aspect. But i am a GT fan so that compels me to buy regardless of online play. Hopefully the SP is more than what I have read about.

JaguarEvolved306d ago

So gts demo has more players on it in a couple days than forza 7, and project cars 2 garnered since there release. I bought a ps4 to play this game and I can say judging by the demo gts will be amazing.

Good-Smurf306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

EG site were filled with Forzas the best comments,they're nitpicking GT Sport microscopic exam while being legally blinded on Forza 7,hypocrite through the roof.
I'm surprised no one mentioned invisible pit crew on FM7 there yet.
Fuck pit animation 4K and shaky cam are all that matters.

Dee_91306d ago

tbh, i just wanted a gt with current gen graphics. everything else is a plus. Even working two jobs, i managed to plug over 16 hours over the last 4 day

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Liqu1d306d ago

I was really surprised at how many clean racers I came across online. Normally all I encounter are dirty racers ramming everyone but the vast majority of my races in GT Sport were good clean racers.

Edito306d ago

I think the campaign educated most of racers in terms of etiquette in race etc. i was surprised too.

Ron_Danger306d ago

Same here. The main reason I stopped playing GT5 online was because it was basically whoever survived the multi-car crash would win the race. I'm still going to hold off on GT:S at launch though cause my back catalog is crazy (recently got Gravity Rush 2 and Nier in a sale and the VR sale going on was tough to ignor) and I'm mostly interested in the VR component of GT:S.

Fluke_Skywalker306d ago

Agreed, I've been in a few first corner pile ups but mostly the racing has been surprisingly clean. Far better than in the closed beta!

bloop306d ago

I've come across quite a few people that strategically hung back right behind me for the whole race and then gave me a nice little shunt on the last corner. I know they have the SR rating but that's not always going to be effective as the penalty system seems to punish you whatever kind of contact happens with another car, whether your own fault or not. I wish they would add a blacklist system that you could report players acting like that.

Good-Smurf305d ago

Other than a few crazy Japanese who rammed me mid corners mostly they're clean racers.
Actually the Japanese are the one I saw winning races most often on closed and open beta.

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nX306d ago

It's good with a controller but I only really started loving it with my G29. Best racing game I've ever played with a wheel.

crazyCoconuts306d ago

nX - I noticed the force feedback on my T300 RS was much more controlled in GTS than Driveclub. The steering assist was actually helpful for learning how to drive better...

itsmebryan306d ago

Is Sport better than GT 5 and 6? Not just graphics? But, in sound and feel because 5 and 6 felt sterile and sounded bad on my 7.1 surround sound.

Knushwood Butt306d ago

Oh yes. Listening to it in 7.1 right now.

nX306d ago

It's worlds beyond 5 and 6 in every department, just try it yourself.

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YAO-BLING306d ago

kids stick to forza, real men play the real racing sim.. GTS!

NeoGamer232306d ago

GT draws a huge crowd on PlayStation no doubt...

GT is the biggest racing franchise on PlayStation and the reason many gamers buy a PlayStation...

Plus, this is really the first new GT game of the generation...

Plus, this is a new GT IP...

Actually, I expected the numbers to be much higher.

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butchertroll306d ago

I really enjoyed playing this trial. :)

SonyWarrior306d ago

yea not to mention people like me who wont downloaded the demo but have the game preordered because they want to make the 17th more exciting

Knushwood Butt306d ago

I wanted to do that but couldn't miss the opportunity to set up and test my new wheel.

GHOSTxTZ305d ago

I like the game alot and im not new to racing games nor Gran Turismo But this games penaltys are pretty harsh. Ive been pushed off the track and im getting penaltys for it, been rammed from behind and many other things to where i received a penalty for it so hope they fix that.

3-4-5305d ago

install based on PS4 is too large for this not to sell well.

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IRetrouk306d ago

Next week cant come soon enough, really wanna get stuck into this campain mode, based off the demo its got a ton of variety, and its challanging, really like what pd have shown us so far.