Star Ocean The Last Hope Xbox 360 Original vs Remaster PS4 Pro / PC 4K Graphics Comparison

Star Ocean series even if not so popular like Final Fantasy it still have many dedicated fans. Latest announcement of PS4 / PC HD and 4K remaster should make many of us happy. With very first gameplay trailer showing game running at the highest resolution we can also compare it to original powered by Xbox 360. How do you like the upgrade?

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FallenAngel198465d ago

Square Enix cares not for porting this to Xbox One, which has an iterative console all about that 4K 😂

On another note I do not want to see the horror that is Lymle in any higher resolution. That girl's uncanny face is the stuff of nightmares.

whiteblue64d ago

I wonder if nier will be ported for xbox

FallenAngel198464d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The original Nier or Nier: Automata?

If it's the former it probably wouldn't happen for the same reason this remaster isn't on Xbox One.

If it's the latter, Square Enix already discussed why this wouldn't happen

bouzebbal65d ago

i see no difference apart from the aliasing

ONESHOTV264d ago

wow i could have done better with reshade/sweetfx if they just released the game on steam

Lon3wolf64d ago

Look about the same level of remaster as FF12 (albeit at higher resolution).

rebeljoe1464d ago

Man after they f up the last star ocean game I’m done with square