Beast Quest For Android

Carl Williams writes, "Beast Quest is a completely new thing to me. I only discovered it earlier this month but apparently there are a whole series of books on par in sales with stuff like the Harry Potter series. The Beast Quest books were released by Scholastic and targeted for children. I was not aware that this game was based on such a popular series of books before I did a bit of research into it. Also, Beast Quest is coming to Windows computers, Playstation 4, and the Xbox One (though it obviously looks more impressive than on Android, based on early screen shots). That is later though, and right now, you can grab a copy of Beast Quest on mobile devices such as Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone (though don’t bother if you have a budget Windows Phone with 512 megs of RAM – it won’t work). I am using a couple of devices to cover this review. I am using a ZTE ZMAX 2 cell phone, Nextbook Ares 8a, and a GPD XD gaming device."

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