Gamers are finally starting to get fed up with gambling mechanics - 2017 is the year of the loot box

“Loot boxes” you say? Well, you might have heard of them? Because nearly every AAA game arriving this year has them somewhere. So it's no wonder why Gamers are finally starting to get fed up with gambling mechanics in games.Well, here's my (Sharn Daniels, TGG) take on the matter.

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UCForce348d ago

Hell yes ! We gamers going to fight this. This system is anti consumers.

TGG_overlord348d ago

The world-famous e-begger DSP defended loot boxes in "Middle Earth: Shadow of War" just the other day, and he pissed off tons of people by doing so. You see, gamers don't want to give devs and publishers the idea that the majority of gamers are cool with this practice.

UCForce348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Off topic, I ate chicken with pickles and read this article :

Littil_Devil348d ago

The only reason DSP is pissed off about Shadow of War is because his views are dropping like crazy. Simply put, he doesn't care about Gaming or whatever. It's all about money and views to him.

bluefox755348d ago

Exactly, unless we speak up, this is going to become way more common.

ccgr348d ago

Vote with your wallet! Don't reward them.

TGG_overlord348d ago

That's the best way to do it. So I'm not going to reward them with my hard-earned money (it's no wonder why more and more gamers are turning to retro games for their daily Gaming kicks).

TankCrossing348d ago

You mean don't buy games that have loot boxes? Or just don't buy the loot boxes?

The former would be effective if enough people went along with it. The latter won't be.

TGG_overlord348d ago

I meant that I'm not going to support games with pay-2-win, loot boxes and stuff of that kind, because then I'm sending devs and publishers the message that I'm cool with it.

TankCrossing348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

@TGG that's fine. A lot of people seem to think that not buying the loot boxes themselves sends a message, but that is totally ineffective as a deterrent.

An effective response needs to include:
a) not buying the games
b) ranting about the problem on the internet, so that there is no mistake about why gamers aren't buying into it.

Many-hat5348d ago

Or don't buy loot boxes with games attached!

RommyReigns347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Games with loot boxes equivalent to borderline legalised gambling. Sends the direct message mainly to the publisher that we will not tolerate such industry wrecking practices in video games, and to remember the lessons of the great video game crash in the 80s. If history is forgotten then we are doomed to repeat it.

fiveby9347d ago

@TankCrossiing I agree. It is not sufficient to just not buy the loot boxes. Those systems are simple to develop and allow publishers to hunt for whales. The game balance is ultimately skewed to find those whales. Such MT systems in F2P games is acceptable but for games which one may have paid $60 or higher, it is not acceptable in my opinion. I will not be purchasing Shadow of War, Forza 7, nor Battlefront 2 at this point. Some people just want to give up and say it's too late to push back against this. That is never true. The clearest message is not buying the games which incorporate any such MT systems. Publishers are afraid to charge more than $60 for a base game so they keep that price point and add all this bs to increase revenue. And frankly, these streamers clearly being sponsored for showcasing these games and opening loot boxes, I won't watch them either.

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Rachel_Alucard347d ago

Voting with your wallet doesn't do anything to warrant a change against this. There's too many casual players, kids with impatience, and people with addictive personalities funneling money into these systems the collective group who oppose it have no chance. Even worse is how games are set up to become a boring grindy mess in order to make progress so it incentives players to splurge to save time.

thekhurg347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Exactly. For every “no buy” there are 10 more than will happily buy the game and spend money on loot boxes.

The amount of money being made on micro transactions is staggering. I remember EA stating that when SWTOR went free to play with all that shop stuff for cash people spent way more a month than subscription pricing would have done.

Liqu1d347d ago

While that may be true I'll still make the effort.

Cobra951347d ago

That's the sad truth. There are way too many suckers out there helping such insidious practices grow. I don't even think in terms of "voting with my wallet" anymore. I don't buy because I don't want to spend my money on games that include anti-consumer practices of any sort. Solving the problem would take legislation. A push for such legislation would probably gain the most traction by showing that games now routinely feature unregulated gambling with real money, and minors are exposed to it.

Many-hat5347d ago

I disagree. Not buying the game will have significant impact. And I dispute your assumptions. Biggest problem is the large percentage of people who say they aren't going to buy, but do. In that respect, I agree with you that there are enough people buying the loot boxes. ESRB have stated loot boxes do not constitute gambling, but how often do we see articles of youngsters sinking lots of their parents hard earned cash on these things. Something we should be concerned about.

Rachel_Alucard347d ago


It doesn't matter if you and your circle of friends don't buy the game there will be 10 more groups that do buy it and even then all it takes is a few whales to spend hundreds and thousands on RNG boxes. Ofc not buying a game has a good effect on it all but the truth loot boxes don't scare people away. The game being terrible does, if the game is good outside of the terrible system nobody will bat an eyelash.

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TGG_overlord348d ago

@UCForce "Off topic, I ate chicken with pickles and read this article"

- That's pretty darn impressive, the one million players part I mean ;)

TGG_overlord348d ago

@ UCForce "You should comment on it."

- I just did ;)

Littil_Devil348d ago

loot boxes, pay-2-win and the like is the cancer of the games industry.

TGG_overlord348d ago

What makes me somewhat nervous is that matters will most likely get worse over time. I mean, if you have paid 60 pounds for a game, and then you have to pay about 100 more pounds just to unlock stuff that's already on the disc (or whatever). That's just beyond crazy.

LeeU347d ago

It is beyond crazy. These practices are shady at best. This "randomized" loot box system where, even when you pay, you don't know what you're getting is horrible.

Nodoze347d ago

It is UNSUSTAINABLE. No way that most gamers are going to pay that kind of money. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be that stupid.

Although as the saying goes...'A fool and his money are soon parted'. This plays into that.

Cobra951347d ago

Nodoze, that's precisely the problem: There ARE that many stupid people. Your wallet vote gets absolutely creamed by theirs. That's why the abusive practices will continue in big-publisher games unabated, unless a more powerful force (e.g., the government) stops them. You and I are powerless. All we can do is refuse to take part in their shenanigans by avoiding their products.

Imalwaysright347d ago


designed for gamblers and for them to constantly open up their wallets. I don't understand how can someone defend these sort of practices.

AmstradAmiga347d ago

When for pure profiteering I agree, loot boxes are crap. However, if the money is going towards egame prize pools (e.g. Halo 5, Rocket League) then I can understand somewhat.

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