14 ways VR will change gaming forever

NetEnt Stalker says high-end VR is on the verge from turning from a dream into reality.

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Apocalypse Shadow342d ago

Article writer, thank you for putting all the content on one page.

Basically, VR can enhance and immerse consumers in all types of ways if the content is made right. And that's just gaming.

That's not even including the fact that VR will change education, real estate, medicine, construction, military combat, entertainment, product viewing/testing and shopping, science, tourism, etc.

Games are just a drop in the bucket.

datriax341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

lol Jesus, these pathetically desperate "opinion pieces" to push this schlock. VR never even got off the ground, and it won't for another 10 years at least.

How people are too stupid to realize this is well beyond me. Keep wishful thinking though, so that your hopes can be crushed all the harder when this thing finally dies off officially.

Those ever ongoing price cuts should be your first hint of how well this s**t is selling. Get a clue.

wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion.
It WILL be an unpopular one.
It will not likely be similar to yours nor anyone elses.
If it offends you, get over it.
I won't respond to flame replies.
I won't even bother reading past the first sentence of such replies, so don't waste your time if that's your aim. And if you do anyways, then enjoy being the equivalent of a man that screams at the sky and expects an answer.
Because I certainly don't expect any good replies from this.

Now then...
There's only one that matters, as far as I'm concerned; the step after these first person camera goggles that everyone's putting up on a glorified pedestal.

What step is that?
Dive Pods. Or something similar to them.

The only credit I will give to the current form of VR, OUTSIDE of the fact that it has MANY MORE MUCH BETTER USES OUTSIDE OF GAMING, is that it's a NECESSARY FIRST STEP towards Dive Pod tech.
But to me, that's ALL it is; just a first step. Not a true innovation, MUCH LESS the future of gaming.

Right now VR is just over-hyped first person camera helmets, which are ironically also making use of the same motion control gaming controllers that were OPENLY SCORNED by these VR lovers back in the Wii, Move, and Kinect eras, with the only real difference being the level of responsiveness getting better.

And that's coming from someone who has tried all varieties of these helmets through friends who have owned them, extensively, and has been left distinctly unimpressed.

My sense of wonder is not so weak and easy to stimulate, that a screen mounted on my head will suddenly make a game, that only sells well because of the VR, any better than it would be without it.
And for the record, I'd feel this way even if Nintendo was doing it, so sorry trolls, but that "Nintendo fanboy" angle isn't going to work for you.
Heck, I didn't even feel Nintendo's glass-less 3D angle was a huge deal. The depth didn't do much for the majority of the games so I just left it off most of the time, and I feel the same way about VR; it hasn't changed how I would feel about the games on it compared to when playing them on a regular old monitor or TV WITHOUT them.

I'll keep my money firmly in my wallet on this issue and let that small sub-section of the community weigh in on this until VR progresses to something far better.
It's not worth what I would have to spend for a single helmet/visor, let alone the extra it would take to get a system to play it with, or even more if we were going for something on PC.