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thatguyhayat220d ago

Those look quite easy. Those gold trophies however.... seems like a challenge

Eidolon220d ago

F1 : 91 Wins(1 gold), 322 Races(1 gold). some pole shit(1 gold), and reach - I'm assuming - max level(1 gold).. Just a grind, at worst. A challenge, well I don't know the criteria, like if it has to be online or against PRO bots(if that's even a thing).

MatrixxGT220d ago

Wonder if they require internet races or if it can be done in arcade mode...

Eidolon220d ago

If this is the case and what the other guy says turns out true(that the trophies besides gold are easy), then this is an easy platinum.

P_Bomb220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I see nothing easy about those golds online. You need to be online in sport mode to even do the qualifying races for pole position in the real you gotta be the best time BEFORE you win with the best time. Multiply that an excruciating amount of times, with the sheer monotony of gold in every driving school and course education mode. Kill me. That's if the 15min waiting for events to start doesn't kill you first

Eidolon220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Don't expect to get a platinum on this, then, just want to try another good racing game on PS4. E-sports plats are always kind of ridiculous.

Gardenia219d ago

The gold trophies must be for offline play, because winning online is impossible for most of us