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The Evil Within 2 Graphics Comparison - PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S vs. PC

A detailed look at the visual fidelity of The Evil Within 2 across all three platforms.

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Community341d ago
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Nyxus342d ago
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TheSuperior 342d ago

is it dumb that everything looks so similar to me now a days? x)

Lexreborn2341d ago

Nope, that's because they literally are the same games. There really isn't any difference aside from some jaggies cleaned up or some shadow details. Otherwise, core gameplay and presentation are the same, we have hit that point in this Gen where things are just well optimized and people are pulling hair just to find real differences in them.

Unspoken340d ago

Well optimized? No, this is lowest common denominator stuff right here and lack of assigning resources. Years back was devs full on pushing engines to the next level that made buying a new GPU worth it, especially for the new APIs which enhanced games immensely.

Lexreborn2340d ago

@Unspoken even with that said, the fact that if you took a PC version of Destiny and put it next to the PS4 version of Destiny the only thing you would probably see is a resolution difference IF that. Proves things are just well optimized.

I’m playing Splinter Cell Blacklist and Dead Space 3 on PC at 1440 p 200+ frames. It still plays and feel like the versions I played on PS3 they ran at 720p 30fps.

We really are splitting hairs at this point trying to make it seem like these multiplatform games are different from the other systems when they really aren’t.

I’m not going to stop playing Metroid 2 on my 3DS because it doesn’t have Other M or Prime visuals. Even though it’s got jaggies and spotty character models. The core gameplay is still in tact and plays well.

I’m playing One Piece Unlimited Red on Vita and it plays just fine without making me feel like I gotta play it at 720p on PS3 or 1080p on switch.

The only time we had practically different games on different systems is in the SNES and genesis days. Since then there has been VERY few games that are noticeably different besides resolution.

And for examples Star Wars Force unleashed on PSP and Wii radically different then their PS3 and 360 brothers. FIFA 18 Switch vs PS4/Xbone although FIFA is mostly different for missing modes it’s probably the only case of a game that’s the same and not.

Unspoken340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Destiny looking the same doesn't necessarily mean well optimized. Destiny on PC has so much head room considering the fact you can play at such high frame rates.

Using PC as an example, settings in each game range from low to ultra. The difference between each would show stark contrasts if the developer optimized for each hardware spec. Just doing one version and calling it day now means we will miss out on enhanced lighting, textures, ambient occlusion, fog, particle effects, physics, water, draw distance, anti aliasing options, anisotropic filtering and many others

Devs are getting lazy and want to maximize profits by paying for less work. imo

At the core of it the game will obviously play the same on different systems minus frame rate, but the experience is also altered when more information is on the screen for you to either enjoy or take advantage of.

On the surface it appears to be only aesthetic. Frame rate and resolution are two primary factors. They assist with your spacial visualization ability. Draw distance and
anisotropic filtering let's you see objects further away and more clearly. The entire image becomes more real and life like with other effects aside from simply changing gameplay.

Think of it this way; you watch a movie at an old cinema on a smaller faded screen with a poor projector that cannot display light uniformly. Bass is nonexistent and the speakers aren't positioned correctly with the acoustics of the room you are sitting in. Then you see a 3D movie (or not 3D) on a digital projector (or higher end) with a custom screen at IMAX or Dolby theater along with a massive surround system tuned for the room.

Pick up and X1 or build a gaming rig. Try it in 4K and maximize your graphics and sounds settings.

Gaming and the tech behind it is definitely an art form.

DeadSilence342d ago

Those video players don't help, you need to see games on 4K tvs to see the massive jump from 1080p, seeing that on mobile all look the same but if you you play on Pc 4K Ultra you will tell the difference from Xbox One S and OG PS4, as for Pro and X resolution is higher so it depends on the settings but shadows should be better on pc and draw Distance and that's about it these days.

It not big differences and next gen will be even smaller because games already look too damn good on every damn console.

Bigpappy342d ago

I will see in about 3 weeks from now. From my experience with 4K TV's compared to 1080p TV's. 1080 looks much better on my 4K TV.
As far as comparing 1080p to 4K: textures need to be included. That is why the pro will continue to fall behind. It doesn't have the band width and memory to push textures at a stable frame rate.

I'll leave it at that

BrettAwesome341d ago

You've done your homework this time. Good boy!

Unspoken340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Well done. 12GB of memory for video is going to allow devs to fully implement 4K assets without a hitch to FPS. Minimum frame rates will increase dramatically with the X1's bandwidth translation to more consistent Dynamic resolution frame rates and times.

sizeofyou341d ago

Agree DeadSilence...
I still don't think that the leap to 4k is anywhere near as prominent as the leap was to 1080P. Diminishing returns. But then I'm just an ol' git who possibly needs his eyes tested..!
I'm more interested in the game and gameplay rather than the constant pixel counting...
I'll play on the hardware I have - until I decide to upgrade. No point comparing side by side - cos I don't do that at home..!

Shineon341d ago

Whst leap to 1080p ps4 barely pulled it off and alot pf times framerate had to suffer heck 7th gen GTA V runs at 39fps a freakin 7th gen game like I said since the introduction of 8th gen consoles this is by far the smallest didffrence ive ever seen moving into another gen

sizeofyou341d ago

Leap. Step. Whatever you want to call it.
The step was made back with PS3...not just this gen (a few native 1080P games and bluray). In my opinion, the difference between SD and HD is far more noticeable than the difference between HD and UHD. And between UHD and SUUUHD... 🙃

Smokingunz340d ago

U probably don't see the difference between 1080p and 4k because u probably game on ps4 pro which sony wants everybody to think it's true native 4k when it's not lol

MegamanXXX341d ago

You will only tell the difference on PC

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Oninioh341d ago

Hopefully the pc version works. Damn you Bethesda!

ONESHOTV2341d ago

chromatic aberration we meet again

YAO-BLING341d ago

ps4 pro and pc look the same but the xboneS looks like camel poop

chrisoadamson341d ago

Well the comparison between pc ,playstations mid gen console and the Base xbox is stupid to begin with. Surely compare ps4 and the xbox or else the pro vs the xbox one x ?! Then we'll see which version is as you say camel poop lol

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