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Microsoft show Xbox One X launch lineup in new, mesmerizing trailer

Keep your adventure going with our largest, most diverse games lineup.

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Community347d ago
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PhoenixUp347d ago

An iterative console can't have a launch lineup

freshslicepizza347d ago

It can if the system is new for you and it has games ready to take advantage of the new hardware. Luckily for you Microsoft has given developers lots of time to prepare so that new owners have a large line-up of games ready.

Lighter9347d ago

*large lineup of OLD games ready.

naruga347d ago Show
goken347d ago

so in 2016/17 while Nintendo n switch were busy making sure there's plenty of development going on for new and good games coming out for switch n ps4... ms was there making sure developers make minor improvements to old games...
really? this is what xbo gamers want? just curious... what about xbo gamers who not planning to get the x?

Enjoigamin347d ago

Best version of multi platforms too!! Until next gen!

Christopher347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

No, it can't. It's marketing BS aimed at trying to erase the last four years and start over new.

What I find funny is PS4 having remastered games at launch lineups was bad, but this somehow is good. No, they're both bad when trying to sell a lineup for new hardware. One for trying to act like people will be getting all new games because of the hardware (not true, they would get them on the previous machine as well) and the other for trying to hide lack of launch titles with remastered titles.

freshslicepizza347d ago

Christopher, the system offers an upgrade to all existing games and those yet to come. Those updates range in how much extra effort is done by the developer but there will be standard upgrades built into the hardware. Namely supersampling and better anti aliasing.

How is that the same as selling remastered titles? Microsoft lack of investment into their own studious is a different topic.

MegamanXXX347d ago


That's probably the most hilarious thing I have ever heard on this site.

347d ago
ThinkThink346d ago

Lighter, if youve never played an old game before then to you it's new.

346d ago
bluefox755346d ago


That's probably the most hilarious thing I have ever heard on this site.

346d ago
Christopher346d ago

***How is that the same as selling remastered titles?***

Because both are being used to sell new consoles with "launch" titles when neither is true.

Kryptix346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Aren't old games that get enhancement for new hardware considered remasters? A remaster by definition is "enhancing the quality of the sound or of the image" thus this applies.

I see a corporation relying on a console to do good by remasters of old and present games because at it's launch, there is no new AAA releases or possibly just one. That's technically by definition what the Xbox One X launch line up is, remasters. I mean, they don't count as reboots or remakes by definition.

So I agree with Christopher because I remember fanboys talking how PS4 had so many remasters, ignoring all those new IPs and exclusives releases back then.

When Xbox does something similar, especially with Master Chief Collection or Gears Enhanced Edition, it's all good and here we see a full "launch line up" with remasters on games already released or was planned on Xbox One.

So...will you guys call this Remasterbox One or logic doesn't exist? There really is nothing much exciting for those people who own a PS4, PC, or Switch because when folks talked about how Last of Us Remastered was nothing new and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also, that trailer was mostly that same level.

It's funny to see people become PR marketing bots no matter when others say something thought provoking.

Also to add, this isn't going to erase the last 4 years and the present situation no matter how hard Microsoft tries. The Xbox One name is still attached with all the same strategies like their first party IPs coming out for Windows 10 so as a PC gamer, Xbox doesn't entice me though a PS4 and Switch does.

zerocarnage346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

That's true, but as always the fanboys will down vote because unless it's about something Sony positive they don't agree.

Fact is and what this was about is the trailer, very good in my eyes and loved how they did it.

UltraNova346d ago Show
bouzebbal346d ago

a launch line up is launch line up.. if there is one condition that breaks this definition then it's not launch line up anymore and this is the case.
1x should be there as an alternative to future (?) xbox one buyers who have 4K TV and everything.

Markusb33346d ago

Great old already released games ready to replay again and again.

trooper_346d ago

What large lineup you're referring to?

The games you can play on PC?

LandoCalrissiano346d ago

@lighter yes, a large lineup of old games. People like old games. There's a reason the snes classic is so popular right now.

freshslicepizza346d ago

"Never have I seen such delusional times } A console luanch with nothing but remastered/'enhanced' games.
Remasterbox1 sounds about right"

How do you launch a midcycle upgrade console with new games if those games have to play with the other model? It's funny how once again Microsoft is to be held at a different standard just because they have marketed the Xbox One X more than Sony did for the PS4 Pro. Both are still part of their family.

Forza 7 is going to be their showcase title, what was Sony's showcase title when the PS4 Pro came out, it certainly wasn't Horizon, that was the following year.

Artemidorus346d ago

So basically buy old games for a new console, Don Mattrick you comming back to working for Microsoft again??

UltraNova346d ago

Moldy, wanna sit here and pretend that Ms and you lot are not seeing the xb1x as an entirely new gen? Ok let's pretend together.

indyman7777346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I felt like I was looking at a repeat of xbox live store. I kept seeing the same games REPEATED over and over and over again.

yeahright2346d ago

What happened to "the pro didn't need a launch line up, so xbox doesn't." Seems like your opinion changes based on what MS says or does. Remember how you changed your tune from "true, uncompromised 4K! not upscaling like PS4 Pro." to "#uptodevs" as soon as it came out that it wasn't an uncompromised experience, saying you'd only take them to task if a 1st party title didn't do native 4k?

itsmebryan346d ago

Why do the haters have to attack anything Microsoft? They are like jilted ex girlfriends jealous of your new girlfriend. Relax and enjoy PS4 or whatever you like.

freshslicepizza346d ago

Ultra, show me where I said the XB1X is going to be a new generation. Like I said you guys continue to hold Microsoft to a different standard so that whatever they do is going to fall below YOUR expectations.

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Xenophon_York346d ago

That "sick trailer" is a trick, sailor. Don't be fooled.

psyxon346d ago

What's so sick about it exactly? Personally thought it was underwhelming.

drunkenspy007346d ago

It was a trailer that said, I can't show you any games, but here's some drawings of games! Seemed pathetic to me.

spicelicka346d ago


Well we all know those games exist and how they look, and we all know the capabilities of XB1X by now. There are cinematic trailers, gameplay trailers, hype trailers etc. If you think this trailer is supposed to show off graphics you're not very bright.

2600Thunder346d ago

Oh man I always make buying decisions on flashy trailers alone. Those always represent the true gameplay experience! Gonna give them all my money to support more gambling and cash collecting platforms... er... I mean GaaS "games".

Imalwaysright346d ago

Yes, the art. After seeing Cuphead I really wish that more games were hand-drawn and yes I understand that its a lot of work but to me it certainly would be worth it.

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Trekster_Gamer346d ago

Shut up penis troll I mean really STFU...
You just jealous that every third party game that comes out it's going to look a hell of a lot better and run a lot better on the Xbox One X

346d ago
Xenophon_York346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Confused how someone can be on-the-level enough to rock a username showcasing Star Trek, but prefers XBOX. Might as well claim Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek series—or that Archer is the superior captain. Though, both of those examples are terribly degrading to DSN/Archer.

346d ago
SirBradders346d ago

Experience will still be the same though.

DarXyde346d ago

I'm under the impression you're carded a lot and turned away...

It's true that games will inevitably look better. Run better?

If you're talking about frame rate when you say "run a lot better", you're about to be sorely disappointed.

346d ago
Markusb33346d ago

If you have no intention of buying an x and own a ps4 why should you care how 3rd party games look. So long as they are on ps4. Make zero difference to me, happy with the base ps4. Good luck to ms and fans. Has no appeal to me as I don't think I'm missing out at all.

SurgicalMenace346d ago

So graphics change the game play?!?! Jealousy tends to be rooted in the lack of ability to experience. Does Shadow of War play differently if it's not in 4k? My understanding is that if played on PS4 or XB1X you can experience the game, right? What I'm not understanding is the belief that once XB1X launches all the PS4 versions of games are going to look awful or are going to just stop functioning. Strange logic. Jealousy. Lmbo. Well, I guess PS4 supporters will just have to jealously play every 3rd party game available on XB1X then, with the same beginning and ending.

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Neonridr346d ago

just a bunch of games ready to show off its power I guess..

346d ago
EmperorDalek346d ago

This is the lineup it's going to have at launch. Seems perfectly reasonable to call it a launch lineup.

mark_parch346d ago

can't wait to play fm7, shadow of war and assassins creed on the 1X. will probably go back to a few games as well like gears 4, halo 5, rise of the tomb raider and I'm always playing horizon 3. does anybody know if the sea of thieves alpha will have any improvements on the 1X

S2Killinit346d ago

Lol at "our largest, most diverse lineup". As compared to what? Themselves, a week ago?

It essentially says "our largest line up since we released our most recent game release".

343_Guilty_Spark346d ago

It can have whatever they decide it will have

343_Guilty_Spark346d ago

I don’t think you know what iterative means. Every new box iterates. The PS5 will iterate on the PS4. All it means it’s sequential.

vegasgamerdawg346d ago

This is the smartest conversation on N4G, BAR NONE! WTF?

Aceman18346d ago

Ok enough trailer I guess, but really doesn't convince me on why I should spend a half grand on the console.

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Eonjay347d ago

Agreed, but this isn't a launch lineup. So the title is wrong.

Unspoken347d ago

But it is launching with games that takes advantage of it's hardware. Microsoft has PC too. Thy can launch games whenever and utilize any platform they own.

Condemnedman346d ago

don't read it then hardly a massive deal you and the other trolls who flock to Ms stories

Sono421346d ago

The art did look cool but was ruined by the gaping hole in the middle of a lot of them. The transitions were horrible for the most part, it would be great art if the next transition/image wasn't a sore thumb on the image you are currently looking at. Not exactly mesmerizing, also kind of annoying aspect ratio and the fact that it loops. The fact that it loops would be cooler if the transitions actually were seemless.

andrewsquall347d ago ShowReplies(1)
Bruh347d ago

It’s a mid-gen refresh and y’all treating it like it’s a new generation

foster426347d ago Show
iDadio347d ago ShowReplies(2)
Unspoken347d ago

All the dev's have spent time to write code for the Xbox One X.

Markusb33346d ago

I agree not sure why it's predicted to sell 4 million not 50 million. It's a nice bit if kit but it won't change the market or current trends. If it makes fans happy then cool.

itsmebryan346d ago

What would it need to be next gen? It's about 40% more powerful than the next most powerful console the PS4 Pro. Is the fact it is backwards compatible makes it not next generation? I like the fact that I get to keep all my games and can get rid of my old console. I prefer upgrades like this.

blackout346d ago

They didn't say this shit when the PS4 NO came out. GREAT COMMENT

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