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Blast Away the Game Review Writes: "Where do I even begin talking about the genre? One that has almost died and somehow keeps coming back from the fringes with small releases that gain just enough traction to keep on going? Lets start with what Raiden V is. It’s a direct continuity of the once established franchise, and one that has seemingly gained steady traction with the PlayStation 4 crowd. It’s a game that has some how managed to rock an updated retro-esque look, but remained current. To be honest, I felt I was once more in the arcade, sitting on my fathers knee in the early ’90’s holding a slice of The Shuttle pizza, and raising Hell."

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Knushwood Butt343d ago

Love Raiden, but vids of this turned me off.

ThatDudeMunkee339d ago

They did for me as well until I actually started playing it. I noticed when I got REALLY into the game, I was super into it, and nothing was going to deter me from that level of immersion.