Super Mario RPG 2 Kickstarter Shows That Nintendo is Lying about Fans

Even while franchises such as Paper Mario or the Mario & Luigi series exist. It seems like Nintendo hasn’t been able to fill the void in gamers’ hearts that was left from Super Mario RPG.

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fenome44d ago

Super Mario RPG was one of my favorite games on SNES (along with many others). I still have my old cartridge and boot it up every once in a while.

PhoenixUp44d ago

Nintendo can't even make a new Paper Mario game that is unanimously loved by longtime fans anymore

NotoriousWhiz43d ago

They just need to outsource the next Mario Rpg to Square Enix or even Atlus.

Lighter943d ago

Square did the first one, so letting them make a new is a great idea.

Sono42143d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The problem with Nintendo is that all games are thrown under the same name, Nintendo, you just see Nintendo's name on all of the games they put out, you have no idea who is actually making what games, so you don't know what to be cautious about., for example, MarioKart 8, Splatoon 2, Breath of the Wild, and ARMS all simply say they were made by Nitnendo, that tells me almost nothing, I know that the same team didn't make all of those games. It would just be nice to segment them a bit to know what to expect, like the team that made the latest starfox, or paper mario, I would keep my expectations low for their next game. But let's be honest Nintendo want's us in the dark.

Neonridr43d ago

well technically Platinum made the latest Star Fox :P

kevnb43d ago

Sounds like a money grab, “sorry guys it got taken down”.

Dirty_Lemons43d ago

The last good RPG Mario was Super Paper Mario, and it was an RPG in the loosest possible sense. Thousand Year Old Door was the last true RPG Nintendo did, to my recollection. I'd be down for a sequel to the original SNES classic.


Erm... Mario & Luigi series anybody?

stloony43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Then create the game with different character skins and text in some places. Then have someone code a patch alongside it in order to make it a Mario game.

Then the game and kickstarter will be legal. And Nintendo can't do nadda about a user made mod that is free. That would be like nintendo going to deviant art and saying you cant draw a picture of mario.

Please don't cancel this project. Just be smart. Good luck.