Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Teased By Voice Actor

It looks like Treyarch could be working on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, according to the teases by this voice actor.

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TheSuperior 346d ago

Loved black ops 1, liked black ops 2 and hated black ops 3. I just don't know how to feel about a black ops 4 x)

SourtreeDing346d ago

i have to agree.. Zombies was also terrible in BLOPS3

Sciurus_vulgaris346d ago

I not sure black ops 3, should of even been titled as it was. The connections to the previous games were so loose. I too personally don’t like BLOPs 3.

TheSuperior 346d ago

I agree with you 100 percent. I feel like the title was sort of there to sell copies more than tie anything together. I'd like to see black ops go back and make something more like the first game.

Araragifeels 346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I thought they were working on a modern COD. Probably Wood voice actor playing with us again like in Black Ops 3.

Sciurus_vulgaris345d ago

The black up series spans from world war 2 (starting with COD:WaW) to 2070 (BLOPs 3). There is plenty of room for titles taking place post-Vietnam in the timeline. Even though, I don’t personally think, the sub-series needs more entries .

Araragifeels 345d ago

I would love a reboot for Black Ops series and take place again in the Vietnam era or make the Cold War/North Korean War era.

AizenSosuke345d ago

Voice actor confirmation !? Closest to confirm but no cigars.

Blu3_Berry345d ago

If true then honestly I'm a bit disappointed, was hoping that Treyarch would go away from the BlackOps timeline and make a new one, maybe modern times. Tired of the futuristic CoDs and Blops 3 wasn't that good.

TheSuperior 345d ago

I feel you on that. The Black Ops timeline got a bit destroyed although I did love the first game. Id love to see modern warfare in the series again.

AnubisG345d ago

Yes they do. They overcomplicated the whole thing.

FITgamer345d ago

They've always sucked IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.