Star Wars Battlefront II Micro-Transaction Currency & Prices Revealed Including $100 Pack

ThisGenGaming says "Star Wars Battlefront II's currency and prices for micro-transactions have been revealed."

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thekhurg159d ago

Before everyone goes bananas. Remember these particular MTs are cosmetic skins and stuff. All of the real content in the game is free. No paid DLC this time around.

UCForce159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Free, oh really ? Sure, you can get those stuff in the game, but grind is just so slow and tedious. Because video game publishers favor towards gambling systems.

Cupofjoe159d ago

Cosmetics my butt these mts are to level up etc this is 100 chance to ptw

Cupofjoe159d ago

Please lool into it it has zero to do with cosmetics this is skills levels and class abilites

159d ago
thekhurg159d ago

That’s what MTs are for. To reduce the time impatient people have with getting stuff on their own.

Map packs, new game modes, expansions, real DLC content are 100% free in this game. That’s why there is no season pass.

I know the common ADD gamer today wants everything now and for free but that’s not the real world.

EatCrow159d ago

I believe you're misinformed. You need to open lootboxes for leveling your different roles. I may be wrong but i believe thats the process.

And the big problem is that you need credits and credits are quite the chore to attain not to mention everyone gets equal amounts...therefore the normal progression in the game is the same for everyone. Grind, grind and grind. ...or get tired and start shelling out the green stuff.

Liqu1d159d ago

It's not just cosmetics. The entire progression system is based around loot boxes, you can directly acquire more power by buying loot boxes which makes it pay to win.

Nodoze159d ago

No it is NOT. This is the ENTIRE progression and perk system locked behind a paywall. Sure you could play the game 24/7 and get some of the perks but it would take YEARS.

Or you could just pay them more money. Sad that people will buy into this. Really really sad. This will usher in the death of gaming.

You made it to the boss battle - please pay 9.99 to fight boss. Congrats you won the epic sword - you are overburdened and need to pay 9.99 to pick up item. You have played this game for 1 hour - please pay 9.99 for the next 60 minutes of enjoyment.....

It is already here..and it is getting progressively worse.

NapalmSanctuary159d ago

Your statement is patently false. The MTs are for loot boxes. All the progression in the game is locked behind these rng loot boxes, which are tedious as fuck to earn currency for in game.

thekhurg158d ago

To all the QQ above:


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rivaldoo777159d ago

Sadly a lot of people will buy it regardless. Only the hardcore like us do care of these BS otherwise no one cares !!

Many-hat5159d ago

Holy crap! I agree with this guy! Knew it would happen eventually, XiNatsuDragnel :)

159d ago
Ciporta1980159d ago

Sorry I know it's people's jobs etc but any company that chooses to do this deserves to go out of business. It's disgusting. We are not all millionaires.

EatCrow159d ago

It is a real shame as the people who actually create the game likely had no say.

159d ago
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