It Would Be Weird if Wolfenstein 2 Wasn't Political

Video games don't exist in their own bubble floating away from the rest of the world, so what is so controversial about Wolfenstein 2 discussing Nazis in America?

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Timesplitter14342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

It's pretty baffling that combating fascism is considered controversial.

I don't mind games getting "political". It's important to take a strong & clear stance on important issues like this. In fact, NOT taking a stance would be wrong and/or cowardly

FallenAngel1984342d ago

How would you make a game about Nazis ruling the world and not get political about it

Many-hat5342d ago

Yeah, it's political. But is it relevant? Err, No. May be a great game, but it's not making any political points. Well, none that I can see.

Cmv38342d ago

Because you see through orange tinted glasses.

Many-hat5342d ago

I think the term is 'rose tinted'.. But I accept your point.

Timesplitter14342d ago

"Yeah, it's political"
"but it's not making any political points"

....I don't follow

Many-hat5342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

You considered the statement, that's significant. The in's and out's of it, aren't

TFJWM342d ago

Its political point seems to be its ok to kill Nazis if they took over America. People seem to have an issue with this for some reason

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quent342d ago

To put it bluntly, we want to shoot Nazi's in the face, not the Axi's

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NapalmSanctuary342d ago

Wolfenstein 2 isn't f***cking political. Killing fictional Nazis isn't controversial. The politics is coming from a bunch dumbass authors who can't seem to grasp that a couple hundred idiots saying stupid shit like "the Jews will not replace us" does not equal a Nazi uprising. This extreme political paranoia is almost enough to make Alex Jones look like normal human being.