Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Has Optional 4K Cinematic Pack For PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro owners should make sure to get this 4K pack if they have a suitable TV.

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DeadSilence343d ago

24gb holly...

100gn on Pc... HOLLYYYYY!

S2Killinit342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I believe it says the 100gb on pc includes the game.

freshslicepizza342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

It's native 4K on the PC, is it on the PS4 Pro? Maybe that's why it's quite a bit smaller.

ecchiless342d ago

OMG so pathetic, send this guy a therapist, the hate for sony is so strong in this one, he need help.

Dark_Knightmare2342d ago

Dude get a life so you don't have to troll Sony articles its old bro

Ju342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Of course it is (at least in that context this statement is as much true as yours)

BTW: Reading would help. The Pro version with the pack is about 100GB which is the same as the PC version including the cinematic pack.

Bigpappy342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I think it has more to do with the textures than res. But its the same size on PC with this cinematic pack

zivtheawesome342d ago

you do realize these are pre rendered cutscenes right? also the 100gb on pc is for the full install of all game files and the 4k videos.

Eonjay342d ago

Baby boy: re-read this sentence until you understand it::

"The PC version of the game with the 4K cinematic pack is around 100 GB which is also the size of the game if you include the cinematic pack for the PS4 Pro."

By the way it's not just you so don't feel a certain way.

TheKingKratos342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I wonder how old are you ? do you have this much free time to room all Sony articles to troll?
Why don't you get a job and find another hobby ?
I barley got time to see Ps4 articles when i get back to my home yet i keep see you every where i go trolling
TBH that's pathetic.

freshslicepizza341d ago

"Sadly, this is where PS4 Pro's support for 4K assets ends - it's just the cinematics that get a boost and nothing else. On PC meanwhile, there's also a 15GB 4K textures pack on offer, which brings a more exciting upgrade to the actual, in-game visuals."

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Dark_Knightmare2342d ago

Tell me about it I had to download it lol. It was worth it though the cutscenes are beautiful on my Samsung 4k

ONESHOTV2342d ago

0 GB on my PC because I'm not buying it even though I own the first game

aawells07341d ago

Who's this Holly you keep screaming at?

spreadlove341d ago

If you want 4k goodness, you can't skimp on the space. If you are okay with lower fidelity then you can save space.

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Miss_Weeboo343d ago

It has Micro-transactions too. Enjoy

342d ago
Dark_Knightmare2342d ago

@cupofjoe you don't have to grind 20 hours bro lol. You need to play the game so you can actually have an opinion or just shut up and move along.

Lexreborn2342d ago

Wait are we saying playing a game for an average of 20 hours is grinding? Isn’t that like the standard people say they expect of a single player game?

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JokerBoy422342d ago

Id rather have an optimized 60fps in 1080p.

zivtheawesome342d ago

why the hell do you think consoles can do 60fps in an open world game FFS. they still use a jaguar so it's impossible give it up.

nowitzki2004342d ago

They want it all. Best visuals and low prices.. cant have everything.

JokerBoy422341d ago

Many current gen console games are 60fps... Even the PS2 had games that ran at 60fps. It comes down to optimization and thats what im asking for. If they do away with 4k assets in 1080p mode then it really shouldnt take too much work. Like i said many developers have already done this... So its possible.

chrisoadamson341d ago

It's 4k 60fps on the xbox one x ;)

opinionated342d ago

I guess it’s the resolution option in the display? It doesnt say 4K or hdr.

UKmilitia342d ago

is it on by default when you download it?
ive downloaded it but it looks the same lol

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