SNES Classic launch was better than the Switch in Japan

The SNES Classic, or Super Famicom Mini as it's known in Japan, actually sold more units during launch than the Switch did.

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Neonridr278d ago

I think they had more SNES units available than the Switch at launch, but that's just getting down to the fine print..

PhoenixUp278d ago

It's cheaper and more available

Benjaminkno277d ago

That's what I was thinking.
The mini is near 4x less expensive I would assume.
It's like comparing apples and grapes.

EddieNX 278d ago

It isn't really a real console so much as just a novelty item/collectible with very inexpensive parts.

Moonman277d ago

Nintendo is having a phenomenal year. Go ahead and win the holidays. Lol