Oculus Rift and Touch Permanent Price Drop

Oculus Rift and Touch bundle has dropped in price to $399 from today.

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freshslicepizza277d ago

Good deal, in fact it's the best VR deal out there. Mine came with an Xbox One controllet but now they are bundling without it. The Touch controllers are amazing.

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Apocalypse Shadow277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Very cool deal coming back down in price.

Oculus go
Oculus project Santa Cruz
And $399 oculus rift

$#!t% getting interesting. Troops under different flags are massing for one epic battle.

CocoaBrother277d ago

I have been informed by a friend who works for a VR company that Oculus Rift is going out the door, hence the price drop. Sad to see and kind of hard to believe but he's told me barely anyone is developing for it anymore and Facebook is looking to drop it.

neocores8055277d ago

AHAHAH umm mno they also announced a new headset for 200$ for mobile. SO no your friend is stupid like you

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TankCrossing277d ago

The new dash interface coming at the end of this year looks ace, and the game that Respawn are making for Oculus is due for release in 2019.

I don't think Facebook are quite so ready to call it quits.

datriax277d ago

VR. So incredibly in demand, that it continues to get those price cuts. Truly, the wave of the future. LOL

TankCrossing277d ago

Consoles, phones, TVs, and pretty much every other electronic device goes down in price too. I look forward to the day they're all gone.

Ball-in-a-cup anyone?

optimus277d ago

It seems like there's a price drop every month now. I've been saying this since they were announced....vr is no different than the 3d gaming fad of yesteryear but nobody wants to believe it....when vr headsets become as small and lightweight as regular glasses wireless and cost less than $100 then maybe people will be interested but that's probably about 7-10 yrs down the road.

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