Middle-earth: Shadow of War Microtransactions Can Be Bypassed By Declining the Terms of Service

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has been the center of controversy due to its inclusion of microtransactions and the "pay-to-win" mentality it represents. Now, eagle-eyed players have noticed a way to remove the controversial microtransactions from the game

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4Sh0w345d ago

So basically the claims of "a grindfest only to encourage purchase of MT's", or "you can't beat the final act without MT's" are once again false rumors.

These type of games have always been long with grinding by design. Ironically that even used to be a selling point for open world games; NOW it's a bad thing just because optional MT's are present.

Make no mistake ALL gamers would prefer no MT's of anykind but you also have to be reasonable, every industry grows more expensive with at least inflation, most alot more than that. Seriously, let's not be fooled here. Those most annoyed are not those less priviledged, or those who understand growth costs more, or want more studio and less closures NO its the same cheap people who got out their pitchforks out at the mere mention of a increase in retail game prices in well over a decade, yet now they scream when devs offer OPTIONS to the willing to ensure better profit margins.

Chaosdreams345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Your argument falters the moment you start labeling those opposing your opinion.

If the end game grind feels particularly grueling, and microtransactions exist to speed the process up - that is a negative. If it's true that's it's just the normal grind, then it's still a fault of WB for including it in the first place and creating said suspicion. It will come down to each individuals perception of the time it takes. WB opened themselves up to that scrutiny. They did the damage themselves. This is a AAA game: it shouldn't be there.

If they want more revenue. Increase the cost of purchase by $20-30. Actually, they've done that. With all the editions. Did we forget about those? There's the option right there. So again, this nonsensical reasoning just doesn't fly.

I will not for one second believe that they just decided to pointlessly include the micro transactions as an after thought. They put it there for a reason. And the more people defend it's inclusion, the more they'll try to push it in even further.

Declining the terms of service to remove the feature goes to show how badly people want it out of the game...

Zeref345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Spot on.
Game development has become more expensive and the price of games hasn't changed for over a decade.
It's either we start paying $80-100 for our games. Or accept Microtransactions as long as they're fair.

I remember there were rumors of EA starting to charge $80 for games in this gen before this generation began. The gaming community was in an uproar of course. Now we don't want Microtransactions either? So do we want Devs to have smaller budgets and start making less impressive games? We can't have both folks unless you want shittier games.
There are real people trying to make these games for us, people that need to feed their families and live too.

morganfell345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Precisely, The final act lie was told and they had to go back and change their story when it turned out to be false. But not before a lot of people that believe anything they read on the internet took the story and ran with it like wrong way Jim Marshall in 64. Not only did they take an internet story as true but one told by the worst gaming site no less.

And it is humorous that, as the Undertaker stated below, people are opting out of...optional features.

Not only are the MP aspects blocked but any chest you earn, or received as preorder bonuses are not accessible without going online. All for the sake of opting out of the optional feature. It is a facet you do not have to see, a feature that doesn't come up, isn't advertised in the game, and works exactly in the manner and for the purpose ascribed by the developers. But why believe them, instead people take the word of web kids that didn't have the game or a site of practiced sensationalists looking for clicks.

People scream nonstop about gamers having a choice that doesn't intrude if they ignore it and one is in the game that some people may want and these people have a hissy fit. Funny isn't it. Imagine how they'll feel when companies say, "Ya know. We tried unobtrusive methods and all these people did was scream. Screw it, $69 should be the new price for games." Boy the crying will really start then. People will swear they will wait for a sale and a few may but when their buddies start gaming on launch day they will cave. And just remember, they did it to themselves. Game developers go out of business every week. It takes money to make games. Then again, the generation that thinks the government should give them everything for free just do not comprehend simple economics.

"Declining the terms of service to remove the feature goes to show how badly people want it out of the game..."

Let me correct that for you because you are wrong,

"Declining the terms of service to remove the feature goes to show how badly SOME people ON N4G want it out of the game..."

Go to reddit or several others sites. They couldn't give a hoot in hell about loot boxes. Most gamers didn't think twice and are having a blast. It's only the few paranoid having a tantrum. Oh, in case you didn't realize it the game is selling well.

ShadowWolf712345d ago

Yeeeah, that "games have to have Microtransactions or the price go up" bit? That's a bald-faced lie.

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mzupeman345d ago

You're entirely missing the point.

It's not that 'the game can only be won using MT's'. You do realize that their very implementation changes the way the game is designed from the ground up, yes? It introduces artificial bloat to the game... extending the gameplay experience in order to sucker some people into spending money.

No, this game does not require you to spend real world money. But the late game, from what people are saying, requires quite a bit more grinding if you want to get the best ending for the game. I mean... that was sort of done on purpose, no? If not for MT's, how would that part of the endgame have been designed otherwise?

4Sh0w345d ago (Edited 345d ago )


Yes, I labeled people who want to enjoy a bigger, more technically advance, and more resource intensive products/IP's that they themselves know costs many times more to create than 10-15 yrs ago yet they demand to still pay exactly the same price as over a decade ago and STILL complain about OPTIONAL short-cuts created to ensure profit margins= Cheap gamers.

I stand by that, actually I am proud NOT to be part of this new gen "me, me, me" culture.

Which is why my initial comments remain valid because they are based on known FACTS, while yours is just about "feelings and suspicion".

morganfell345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Stop comparing microtransactions to cancer in a game you do not own. By attempting to continue this ridiculous comparison you only demonstrate how little you know about microtransactions in this game or cancer.

Chaosdreams345d ago


Perhaps some of the people who dislike microtransacrions are "cheap." In fact, it's entirely likely seeing as how conserving ones money and wanting a full product/package tend to correlate with decision making. Id argue being cheap isn't even necessarily a bad trait.

That said, you're ignoring the actual point people are making and trying to downplay it as people just being cheap. Which is false and only serves as a disservice to not only you, but the community.

I can tell you, I'm not making my arguments for the sake of my wallet. I'm making them for the future of our gaming industry. Just take a look at Battlefront 2 and how it's using microtransactions. It's literally a breath from Shadow of War. That's where this series can end up in a future installment. It's where any series can if gamers keep using the old reasoning of "games cost more / accept the options / ignore it if you don't like it."

If you accept its inclusion, it'll evolve into something worse and more overbearing.

This isn't "me, me, me." I am, and others are thinking of "us."

Be proud. That's fine. Enjoy the game, you already own it. But stop labeling the opposition as people who are simply cheap.

That's a cheap tactic to defend your point, And by that, I do not mean in a positive way.

HRoach616345d ago

Can’t claim inflation on games when I think the USA is the only country games still sell for $60. In Canada they went up to $80 to $90 for “basic” additions of a AAA game. I know in the UK and AUS they went up a few years ago the same time as Canada. Drop AAA games to $40 even across all areas and I’ll be okay with minimal MT’s. Free to play is where th model is acceptable in my opinion.

UKmilitia345d ago

its all bullshit mate,ive been playing it and not once has these loot boxes impeded on my game,infact its only in the articles on here i see them lol.
the game is awsome

Ciporta1980345d ago

They actually already found a way to cover the extra cost. It's called dlc. And at least dlc adds to the game you enjoy. Micro-transactions just take away not only from the content of the game but in most cases they also affect the gameplay too.

supermonkeyfox345d ago

I think you should consider that although yes games cost more to make and yes inflation is a factor etc but look at the market place. A game nowadays can sell 3 million copies if its good (and half of that's probably digital) compared to ten years ago when game would sell far less. So larger market base alongside the fact that they don't even need to create physical copies and distribute them any more, I think that outweighs the fact that games cost more to make these das and therefore we shouldnt just accept price hiking or mt's.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen345d ago

Monolith could have easily made the game shorter and created expansion DLC's for $30 bucks, but they chose this route. I've seen this crap in the PSVR game Eve Valkyrie. You can either try and grind forever while others playing the game outclass you with better equipment and weapons, or you can pay for in game currency in order to compete.

I passed and I haven't touched it since January.

345d ago
DragonKnight345d ago

To people defending the MTs by saying there's no real grind, it's in actual reviews. It is literally there.

To the people defending MTs saying the cost of games has not risen but the cost of making them has. The cost of games HAS risen. No longer does $60 get you the real experience, it gets you access to a basic experience, but not the full experience. To get the full experience you have to pre-order sometimes multiple different version, and pay for a Season pass which could cost anywhere from $30 to $50, and pay for mictrotransactions and loot boxes. That's to get the FULL experience. So yeah, you can pay $60 and get a game. You just won't be getting the true game. That will cost you a minimum of $90, a maximum of $110, plus however many MTs you pay for to gain access to stuff what used to be free.

People lauding the industry for gating off content behind paywalls, for predatory gambling schemes, for in-game advertisements of these practices are sickening, anti-consumer, anti-quality, and WILL be responsible for another game crash. Congratulations, you're stupid with your money.

freshslicepizza345d ago

"They are bad for all of's like egging cancer on within somebody instead of wishing them to get better."

What a horrible analogy to be using and an insult to those who have it. I get that you have taken the role to be upset about most things but I'd rather have loot boxes that don't have any impact than game prices going up. Star Wars Battlefront II seems to be doing it wrong, focus on that game. Same with NBA 2K18.

freshslicepizza345d ago

"People lauding the industry for gating off content behind paywalls, for predatory gambling schemes, for in-game advertisements of these practices are sickening, anti-consumer, anti-quality, and WILL be responsible for another game crash. Congratulations, you're stupid with your money."

If a crash does occur it will be blamed on an overabundance of games within a cutt-throat environment. Publishers like Ubisoft are now making more money through these new tactics, so i don't see a game crash coming. They are releasing fewer titles but are now making more money by engaing the player for longer.

The olden days of playing a game for a week and then reselling it used are going away. In return publishers are getting more revenue now and keeping you as a customer longer. The downside is the smaller lesser known titles are often getting ignored. Which is where the true innovation is coming from.

I don't blame microtransactions because it is how most industries have evolved. They have found a way to keep gamers engaged. The rich get richer by gobbling up the smaller guys. Walmart and Amazon are now getting into the food market. Peoples habits have changed, online shopping is killing off retail. Microtransactions and lootboxes are just another example of gamers also changing their habits.

morganfell345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

"People lauding the industry for gating off content behind paywalls, for predatory gambling schemes, for in-game advertisements of these practices are sickening, anti-consumer, anti-quality, and WILL be responsible for another game crash. Congratulations, you're stupid with your money."

In Shadow of Mordor, where are:

1 - Where is the gated content behind a paywall in Shadow of Mordor? Before you say "The True Ending" you should stop parroting that Polygon story which has since been retracted since it wasn't true. Yeah, your hero fat jim was wrong. Everything in the game can be earned through playing and as owners of the game, real owners not panic stricken teenagers will tell you, the game does not feel like a grind but rather fun. Sooner or later you will realize you were fooled by these articles. Doubling down and refusing to believe how one lie after another about this game has been dismantled by fact will not allow you to escape the fact you let yourself be played.

2 - Where is the predatory gambling scheme in Shadow of Mordor. Before you say its buying loot crates not knowing what you will get the same can be said to one degree or another of any add-on. Games themselves have been called addictive. Stop grasping at straws.

3 - Where are the in game advertisements in Shadow of Mordor? This is what makes these ridiculous articles about not agreeing with the TOS in order to opt out of Loot Crates so stupid. First of all they are optional and second there are no in game advertisements. You actually have to stop the game, go into the menus and look around to find them. Then you have to go onto the Marketplace, look around to locate them and make a purchase. No where in the game is Talion running by a fortress and suddenly he sees a loot crate billboard.

Anyone that thinks these items are in SoW, congratulations you are stupid with your deductions.

There is nothing quite like people complaining about something that have zero first hand experience. Its like getting surgical advice from a cab driver.

Best of all its only N4G and one or two other places where this is an issue. Most places could care less and that's 99% of the gamers. They aren't blind or uninformed, and they are not panic stricken, they just realize it doesn't really matter. To them complaints are as valid as that cult's Sep 22nd doomsday prediction. The game is selling well, top of the Steam Charts and people are having a blast.

DragonKnight345d ago

@Moldybread; Wrong. A gaming crash will not occur due to an overabundance of games in a cutthroat environment. That's not even what caused the first crash. It was caused by an overabundance of BAD and CLONE games with no standards of quality. And that's happening again, and it's being financed by people who are too stupid to speak with their wallets, continuing to award developers for making poor quality games that are so lacking in engaging gameplay or story that an entire economy built around circumventing the game itself is introduced. Microtransactions fund laziness, they allow for the design of progress hindrance, and they do not bring a single net good to any game they are a part of. None at all. If you think "publishers getting more revenue" is a good thing, explain why there has not be an increase in game quality? You think a graphical bump is in any way the be all and end all of quality?

DragonKnight345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

@morganfell: 1. The Polygon story was not wrong because it didn't say the content was LOCKED behind microtransactions. When you learn basic reading comprehension, go back and read it again. Every single review that talks about the real ending talks about how it's a forced tedious grind to get to, as by that point in the game you have done everything else you can do to increase your abilities. You are therefore forced into grinding fortress missions for hours (some reports stating another 40 hours of tedious grinding) or you can skip that included "feature" by buying better orcs. It's laughable that you're supporting a system whereby you are paying to circumvent the game. You are actively supporting poor game design.

2. No, the same cannot be said of any other add-on because every other add-on has a clear advertisement. You're trying to tell me that if you wanted to buy, say, Automatron for Fallout 4 you WOULDN'T know that you're getting a quest chain involving robots? And I love how you think that you've defeated the practice as being predatory gambling because "well other things do it, so it's okay." This lets me bust out the age old adage parents use on their children in an analogy you can link to this. Just because your friends jump off a bridge, does that mean you're going to also? A game being addictive is not even remotely the same, stop being purposely obtuse. A game is not designed to prey on addictive personalities, it is a product with a specific purpose that has that service detailed in reviews and must follow advertising guidelines. A loot box is literal gambling. You don't know what you're going to get, but you do know you can score the jackpot eventually and get something that will make your game a breeze to get through. The fact you're trying to equate that with basic gaming shows your intellectual dishonesty.

3. In my comment, I said "to people defending MTs." That was a generalized statement that speaks to the real games that do lock content behind MTs. Your compartmentalization does nothing to disprove my point. Microtransactions and loot boxes are inherently predatory, they are a design decision implemented to circumvent the game itself. You are defending a practice whereby a developer or a publisher knowingly implements a method to NOT play the game. You are enforcing and supporting the idea that it's perfectly fine for developers not to pay attention to detail, to make a quality game that starts off as a quality game, remains a quality game throughout, and ends as a quality game. When a method to skirt around progressing through the game by actually playing the damn game is provided, that's a signal that you stopped caring about making an engaging game and you just care about dem quarters being funneled back in. We are not in the days of arcades where to keep playing you had to keep paying. It's honestly sickening to see gamers defending actions designed AGAINST their best interests and people like you are what's making the industry worse, and feed the PC gamers the fodder they need to continue laughing at the console industry while they're getting complete experiences WITHOUT having to continue paying for said experience during the process of playing said experience. I bet you love the Gamestop ad that flat out admits that a bonus mission in AC Origins is locked behind the pre-order wall. That's how low you've sunken.

Do us a favour and keep your irresponsibility with your money to YOURSELF and stop ruining gaming for the rest of us.

morganfell345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

The Polygon story was changed. And you haven't played the game and are just parroting the term grinding when no one feels like that when they run it. Even browsing forums of real users this is obvious. Most intelligent people would see this. And again, nothing is locked behind a paywall so your post was a lie.

Once again you cannot define this game as predatory gambling. Your remark is a joke and your attempt to paint these loot boxes, that no one is using that I know or have read, in the same light is farcical. The biggest laugh of all is you are just re-transmitting what you have read since you are have zero experience with the game. Your opinion is completely and laughably invalid.

Oh oh oh you were referring to real games that do lock content? No, no backpeddling. You were wrong. You made that comment in an article about this game and you did so while railing against this game and people that support it so just grow up, man up and eat that humble pie for your error. At least have the dignity to own what you said.

This is the ridiculous sort of nonsense propagation that occurs on the internet every day. Naive people do no investigation of their own, they see something, get on the just cause bandwagon, and ride it off the cliff into the Valley of Wrondom. Which is where your yeehaw wagon crashed. The only thing worse than running with a rumor like it is reality is when you trip and fall over fact and poke your eye out, you stand up and try to tell your dad you weren't running at all. "I was just minding my own business dad and that fact came over, picked on me and stuck me in the eye." You said it, own it.

And at the bottom of it all are these stupid claims about grinding (read on the internet), true endings, (read on the internet), always online (read on the internet), exclusive content in loot boxes (read on the internet) etc etc ad nauseum. Why do people not try to be self thinking educated persons rather than myna birds is beyond me.

4Sh0w345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

"Just take a look at Battlefront 2"

-This is not Battlefront 2.

"If you accept its inclusion, it'll evolve into something worse"

-Again with all the "IF's" and foreshadowing....hey I got one= IF we complain about all MT's, even the ones that are OPTIONAL, and IF ignored all the game content is earned through normal gameplay, yet IF we treat ALL MT's the same, then OUR voices eventually get ignored across the board because sooner or later we are just seen as crying wolf about EVERYTHING. -NO, I will save my voice for what I think are LEGITIMATE issues.

It's a free country of course so you can make your own decision, fortunately I'm glad outside of the n4g cool crowd, most gamers and reviews recognize it's a great game and its selling well. Thats whats important. In my view there is just a minority of cheap a** gamers who are going rage against devs no matter what they do to ensure healthy profit margins which ironically is what it takes to keep studios open so we can continue to enjoy the hobby we claim to love.

Our time is better spent on attacking the evils where they actually are present, not where they "might be", "if this", "if that".....all this from a guy who concedes things will evolve but being reasonable is how we influence things to evolve for the better, stubborn non-negotiable attitudes are what leads to worst case outcomes= and trust me gamers are not going to stop gaming no matter what, they will just complain themselves into a corner and then we will all be paying even more.

Chaosdreams345d ago


I've observed your posts on this topic closely. You spend more time insulting the opposition than you do defending the inclusion of microtransactions (of which you have little to no defense). The more you continue to vaguely refer to "other gamers on other forums" the more I shake my head. You do realize the level of hypocrisy in that right? You label others as following a trend, while you yourself are actually using what other people do as a backing to your argument. It's a trivial point. Of course there's multiple people on both sides of the argument.

The game is fun so we should just accept whatever predatory practices they insert? You don't fall victim to the impulse, so no one does? You're focusing on you, but labelling it as everyone. You're defending a bad practice because it hasn't done enough to remove your personal enjoyment. It's insane and close minded. It's what the industry loves in its gamers, ignorance.

How well the game sells or how many people play the game, isn't our concern persay. We've heard / know it's a fun experience and heck, I'm glad it's still enjoyable for those who've already spent their money. But it's not a PURE experience. It's tainted, it's a trial run for worse, more intrusive practices, and you're swallowing it all up - insulting those in the process. How or why you refuse to at least understand our point of view, turns you into the perfect advertiser for said practice. And why would we ourselves support the game if our argument is that the game shouldn't be supported? You keep trying to make illogical statements.

I for one never specifically stated the true ending was impossible to reach without microtransactions. I stated the game's sudden grind was indicative of giving gamers a reason to take a glance at them, thus circumventing a pure and practical experience. This is one of many instances where you've seen what others have said, chosen to ignore it and then shaped it to your advantage. (Oh yeah, something you claim we do).

Defend the game as much as you like (It's not as if we think the series is garbage - we think microtransactions are garbage), but you continuously ignore the statements made that answer/refute your statements, while then stating yourself that we're all just complaining because it's trendy.


Well said.

Ittoittosai345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

They will just amend the game to require it now that people are aware so what is your defensive of this craptastic "option" now?

Chaosdreams345d ago (Edited 345d ago )


I know this isn't Battlefront 2. I'm not crying wolf. This is a legitimate issue and I'm choosing to kick the wolf in the face while it feeds on your pulse. This IS WHEN gamers should stand up. You're literally accepting its existence because the game is fun. I, not once, made any statement about the games enjoyability.

Give someone an inch, they'll take a mile.

Gamers do stop gaming. People who are fed up, walk away. Thing is, when they do they do silently. At that point they don't care enough to even state why - they've had enough. The industry has grown and more gamers (who don't know what gaming used to be like) see what the game is offering and accept it. If they are new and accept it, those who defended it can suddenly be prone to see even more changes. If they then get fed up, they leave. It's a winning formula for the dev/pub. Because as people walk away, people take their place, people who don't know any better or who have less of a chance at ensuring a healthy change.

If no one complains and just shrugs at its existence because the playground is fun, like shrugging at the wolf that has yet to strike - and has entered your bubble of enjoyment. Then I really feel nothing when a franchise you love, turns into the next example.

4Sh0w345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

"This IS WHEN gamers should stand up. You're literally accepting its existence because the game is fun."

-NO, I am accepting its existence because the game is fun AND I think the MT's as implemented specifically in this game are a reasonable tradeoff vs higher base retail prices over the last two gens.

=Thus I guess we have to Agree to Disagree on this issue. I do however appreciate the mature way in which you approached this discussion, it's pretty refreshing on n4g.

Chaosdreams345d ago


*Shakes hand*

We shall agree to disagree. And thank you, I appreciate the sentiment.

Happy gaming.

morganfell344d ago

Morganfail, Oh I never heard that before ha ha. Oh wait, it is just something else you are repeating without original thought. That is after all your modus operandi. Where is the record button, behind your left ear?

FACT: You have no experience with the game. None, nada, zero, zilch, nechevo. That is an inescapable truth. All you have done is follow someone else's marching orders. Be a good boy, keep your head down, and repeat after me...sad. Born an original, grows into a copy. Good luck with that approach in life. You can talk until you are blue in the face but without experience the only fail on this page is you. Its reminiscent of someone on Monday morning telling everyone how he would have won the game on Sunday, what he would have done. Yet everyone knows that this guy never so much as played Madden, let alone stepped onto the gridiron. It's just so much wah wah wah to the point it sounds like Charlie Browns teacher.

If you were not there and didn't earn the Tshirt then anything you have to say is invalid. Why do you think I laugh at your remarks. It would have been one thing had you told me where you were at in the game, and this and that but instead yours are simply the dismissable remarks of an individual that is without wit concerning the topic of discussion. It isn't simply your point of view with which I disagree, but also the fact it is an uninformed opinion. That is what makes your remarks truly worthless. When you reach the point you are dropping your pants to speak, well, perhaps you know the idiom. Repeating what you have been told simply makes you the human equivalent of a rubber stamp.

LandoCalrissiano344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

People complaining about Mt's as short cuts need to stop. Remember when games had actual short cuts and cheat codes? Barrall for Donkey Kong Country gave you 50 lives. Is that not bloatware like some are complaining about? As for the other side that it's an easy cash grab, so what? Many people have jobs because of mt's. "But they are predatory practices." Who cares? Companies want my money, duh. It's their job to take it and my job to manage it.

bluefox755344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

If the game is made intentionally grindy in any aspect, in order to incentivize the purchase of MTs, it's a bad thing. Boggles my mind that some of you are actually defending MTs. Why? What is your motivation to write walls of text several times over defending something that only benefits publishers?

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shloobmm3345d ago

Or you know....just not buying them

TheUndertaker85346d ago

"After opting out, an “Offline Gameplay Warning” will appear that states the following:

You will not be able to access any of the online features for Shadow of War until you agree to the data uses described on the prior screen. This includes access to the Market and online gameplay modes. Are you sure you want to continue?

Answering “Yes” will yield a Middle-earth: Shadow of War experience free of microtransactions, since the Market will not be accessible. Furthermore, the offline multiplayer raiding aspect of the title will also be missing, given that it falls into “online gameplay modes”."

Seems silly to give up access to online portions on top of offline multiplayer raids just to eliminate optional microtransactions you could simply choose not to purchase.

4Sh0w345d ago

"Seems silly to give up access to online portions on top of offline multiplayer raids just to eliminate optional microtransactions you could simply choose not to purchase."

-Stop it with your logic....this is n4g, lol.

Cobra951345d ago

The logic shows that there is no good option. Either you accept the presence of the loot-box mechanic, or you give away all online-related functionality. Declining ToS is just a fudge, a workaround, not a true solution to the insidious problem.

Codedan345d ago

If you wish not to see micro-transactions then go buy the SNES that just came out. Games cost money, and the development costs have exponential increased. Instead of having everyone pay more they create more content for others to buy if they want it. I don't see the problem, however I have been playing games since the early 90s.

Imalwaysright345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

What is logical to you might not be as logical for people with addictive personalities. MTs are a predatory business practice and knowing this is more than reason enough for me to not want this shit in my hobby.

freshslicepizza345d ago

I'm still upset, don't know why but it feels like I have to be because theye are still there, somewhere.

GrubsterBeater345d ago

I agree. It's almost like even though they are completely optional and don't affect the game, I'm still let down. Almost like the game became a dirty whore, and doesn't feel as classy, but I would still play the f%$# out of it.

I just hit Act II by the way, and this game is like crack, and I am LOVING it.

Dark_Knightmare2345d ago

Dude I'm playing the game since yesterday and I've still not seen where you would even go to reach the marketplace to get these OPTIONAL mts. It's seriously a non issue and has no bearing on the game whatsoever

DillyDilly345d ago

Already cracked who needs a Terms Of Service ?

2600Thunder345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Yup. Not surprising.

Also with the newly discovered Displacement Study things are going be interesting with this one. PC will also have modders bringing lots of "changes" since it is singleplayer. As I said before (which should not be that hard to figure out), mods have always threatened microtransactions so I am curious about the future of this game.

Gardenia345d ago

How does this change the game? The grinding for the true ending without buying loot boxes will still be the same

raWfodog345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Cause just ignoring them isn't an option? I mean, are the MTs intrusive or something?

81BX345d ago ShowReplies(1)
Summons75345d ago

Just purchasing the game alone shows publishers it's okay to inject these into single player games where they are unneeded. It is not acceptable and anybody buying this game forfeits their right to complain about single player games having MTs in the future because they are the cause of this trend.

Dark_Knightmare2345d ago

No it doesn't lol now if tons of people purchased it and than purchased the mts it would show the company that yes mts work but until some time passes we won't know if that's the case

Rebel_Scum345d ago

No it doesn't. You do know companies analyse their sales data right?

j15reed345d ago

These companies have the data that shows people buy this stuff why do you think they are in every game, thank the gamers who complain and than go buy the MT's themselves.

BenjaMan64345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

I've played lots of Shadow of War since getting it yesterday, and to this moment the game hasn't tried to rub the microtransactions all over my face. Maybe you could... oh, I don't know... ignore them?

Even so, the big bad loot boxes can still be bought with Mirian (in-game cash) earned, for example, by completing optional objectives, hunting down loot-carrying orcs and destroying underleveled gear you don't want . You can even equip gems that let you earn Mirian by defeating any enemy with your sword, bow and/or dagger, if I remember correctly.

boing1345d ago

Yes, it does. Also has options Favor Quality/ Favor Resolution on Pro.

xPhearR3dx345d ago

You can. As you progress you'll unlock A LOT of things to spend Mirian on, but I get so much loot (to dismantle) plus those gems to drop extra currency, plus even more from doing missions. You can even get the gold currency (the one you pay real money for) by doing daily quests. Maybe the MT only effect the very end of the game, but I'm 17 hours in and feel no need to purchase anything extra and since you can buy the crates with in-game money, it doesn't feel rammed in my face every time I hit start.