In defense of Easy Mode

There's nothing wrong with taking an easier path in a game if it's fun for you, and it's far better than failing at a harder mode and not being able to actually experience the game.

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TheSuperior 253d ago

I like easy mode for a first play-through. I typically do it to get a feel fro the game to see if it is something I would enjoy going a little harder on.

Leeroyw252d ago

Agreed. I have a newborn and work in the city, with very little time to master games. In order to experience as much of the new amazing content as I can, I have to sometimes dial things back a notch. Otherwise I put it down never to be experienced again.

Except Dark Souls. Those games have no such setting. So I had to be in the bad books with the Mrs. I had to. :)

Summons75252d ago

Being in the bad books with the Mrs is the ultimate Dark Souls boss. Like the tutorial boss in Demon's Souls, you can if you really try and know what you are doing...but ultimately you are doomed to fail.

quent252d ago

A checkpoint wouldve been nice, just 1 per level

Zjet251d ago

Yup. I play everything on easy. I just like to enjoy the game world and story.

Some people like being railed hard dying over and over again to feel accomplished when they finish. Some of us don't feel this.

Some of us just want a piece of interactive entertainment to enjoy.

Many-hat5251d ago

Yeah, I agree. I prefer to be entertained and just have fun these days. IMO all games should have a difficulty slider, so each of us can find their ideal level. After all, difficulty in games, in the vast majority of cases, is a pretty 'dumb' affair. It essentially change how much damage you do, or how much damage is done to you. It's not really anything intelligent.

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