Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K and Full HD Remaster Coming to PC and PS4

Star Ocean: The Last Hope is bringing its seventh console generation origins into the modern age with an HD remaster.

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306d ago
DivineAssault 306d ago

I have a star ocean for PS4 already.. Was it the PS2 version?

ShadowWolf712306d ago

There was one made this gen, one remaster, and now this remaster so idk.

Fullmetalevolust306d ago

This is Star Ocean: the last hope international, it was released on Ps3. I believe it was first released on Xbox360 as well, perhaps as a timed exclusive if my memory serves me well.

Segata306d ago

Man, the 360 version was so bad. It had multiple discs so I remember walking in an area and all the sudden prompted to swap discs. Put in the new disc and if you walk back 2 feet you have to put back the other disc. What an ass load of f#ck.

PhoenixUp306d ago

Even though Star Ocean 3 is already available as a PS2 Classic for PS4

PhoenixUp306d ago

My bad this is Star Ocean 4.

Now Star Ocean 3-5 can all be played on PS4

New-Breed306d ago

Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I had just finished an article revolving around the 6th gen and I guess it was still stuck in my head

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The story is too old to be commented.