A look at the officially licensed Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Racing Wheel

Several new details have been revealed for the officially licensed CSL Elite PS4 Racing Wheel.

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Sgt_Slaughter220d ago

If only Logitech had allowed earlier models to work on PS4/One, there wouldn't be a need to buy new models like this.

bloop220d ago

I bought a Logitech wheel with GT3 when it released and it's been up in the attic for years. I've always been meaning to pull it out to see if it works. I guess there's no way in hell it'll work with the PS4 then??

Sgt_Slaughter219d ago

Logitech basically abandoned all older wheel support for modern consoles (MOMO, DFGT, G25/27, etc.) so yes unfortunately it won't work. On PC it will but beyond that no. There is a way to get it to work but it involves a lot of steps and purchasing third-party devices, not sure which wheels are supported that way.

PapaBop219d ago

It might be worth looking up converters. I know the Brook Converter works with ps3/xbox accessories on ps4 but not sure about ps2 stuff. Could also try looking at the Cronus, that has wider support.

Seraphim219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

it's definitely a shame wheels are console specific. Rather are limited to 1 generation. You think with technology today they could insert or add some small board w/ memory that can be upgraded to support future consoles. One major reason I've always passed on wheels. That and because to get an actual clutch you have to pay out the arse. Even this, while it has the wheel shifters, I'm much prefer a pedal and clutch. If I'm dropping $600+another ? for a racing chair I want something that will last more than a single console life.

biomarvel219d ago

This wheel is already has been for a few months! I own it and use it regularly at home.

MattE219d ago

Glad Fanatec are making wheels for PS4 again.. best wheels on the market by far and prices are dropping with entry level models like this one