Hori's Nintendo Switch branded Micro SD Cards now available in North America

The Nintendo Switch branded Micro SD Cards are now available in the North American region.

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Razzer344d ago

Damn expensive. 64gb is twice as much as non-branded.

MegamanXXX343d ago

Is SanDisk reliable though? I put in a Samsung brand in my Nintendo Switch

wonderfulmonkeyman343d ago

I'm using a 256GB Sandisk in my Switch; no issues thus far and I've had it since launch, so if you wanted user testimony, there's your sign.

Razzer343d ago

I’ve used Samsung and Sandisk in the past. Found them equally reliable.

indyman7777343d ago

Same here 256 sandisk also Ive tried my 128 samsung no issues with either.

godashram343d ago

Considering that SanDisk is one of the founding members of the format, I'm pretty sure they are reliable.

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Shiken343d ago

At least it is not like the Vita, where you had to use Sony's overpriced brand. Sure they are overpriced, but I will just go with Sandisk. Noy work it just to have a logo on the card.

LIGATURE344d ago

The real posers will go for the switch branded ones 😂

marloc_x343d ago

..speaking of posers🙄

_Q_343d ago

Is there any true benefit to the branded types or are they prayer on uninformed parents and young gamers?

instantstupor343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Literally zero benefit. Pick up a Samsung, SanDisk or other reputable brand of the same speed class and it'll do the same job for less money.

mercyblades343d ago

This might be useful (I have it bookmarked, when I can afford a Switch early next year):

_Q_343d ago

Thanks. Its very helpful

vladstad343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

this is just plain robbery