Microsoft Has A Hardware Problem

Analysts have been predicting Xbox VR for quite some time, but it has yet to materialise. Why is that?

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thorstein41d ago

Microsoft's problem isn't hardware, it's advertising.

They need to make their brand hip and cool, then people will buy it. Just look at what that has done for Sprite, Nike, and Apple's iPhones.

Skull52141d ago

I’m guessing they wised up and realized VR is gimmick, the tech still has a long way to go.

Razzer41d ago


datriax41d ago

Safe to assume by your post, that you get duped by advertising. All this time I wondered who in their right mind is stupid enough to fall for advertising bulls**t. I guess there really are people out there who do. lol

Godmars29041d ago

In that case then they need to make more than Halo and Forza while pandering on just about everything else. Make "commitment" or public statement about making games, announce a bunch of titles, to them only later go back to the stance of "exclusives don't matter" with either few of the announced getting a cancellation statement while anything else just quietly dies.

goken41d ago

OK if u say so...

but i seem to recall a few years ago watching the most popular TV series and everyone seems to be using Window phones and Windows tablets...

you can be as hip as you want. but without the apps and games to back it up... eventually even bill gates decided to go Android

AmUnRa41d ago

Yes it is, i think the XboxOne is not strong enough for VR.

drunkenspy00741d ago

I disagree. If we're talking about Microsoft and gaming, they've made a lot of bad decisions in general. However, maybe they just don't think VR is where it should be? They're releasing the xbx1 and that may determine what they'll do depending on the sales.

Godmars29041d ago

I think Kinect is the counter to that argument. As MS's version of motion control they tried to spin as full on innovation separate from anything Sony and even Nintendo, who did it first, were doing.

That AR glass thing was their take on VR, something that looked different but was pretty much the same. The AR room thing as well. With main issue of why that didn't got more further than a concept demo was what they'd have to charge for it.

MS are nothing more than copycats who loose sight of what they're trying to copy while attempting to make it their own. There's no real way for them to pretend to lead with VR, so they're calling sour grapes while also putting supporting the tech.

TheMuffDiver40d ago

You are right actually! Microsoft has been terrible in marketing their products

thorstein39d ago

@The Muff Diver

Thanks, I'm glad someone has reading comprehension skillz. I said Microsoft, not Xbox. The article is about Microsoft.

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MegamanXXX41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

More like first party exclusive problems and software imo I never had a problem with their hardware except for the RROD last generation other than that it's been good

Ghost_of_Tsushima41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think the only way to go with VR is cheap untethered headset like the Oculus Go. Then it will become a mass consumer device. It will take a while to get an optimal experience from an untethered device but we’ll get there eventually.

spreadlove41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I agree too. It is smart of MS to not jump into VR for gaming when it is clearly not ready. Let the market sort it out. Release MR for Windows 10 and let the market find what the real use of MR/VR/AR really is, instead of forcing it into games.

If you are going to do it, do it right when the market is ready!

1Victor41d ago

the reason why the x1x isn’t going to have VR is because Microsoft isn’t a leader they are followers they always wait for the market to sort things out and then jump in and muscle their way in with money. Apple comes out with a phone and make a huge amount of money Microsoft see the money and want some buy a phone maker and think it’s going to be the next iPhone success story but fail.
Apple comes out with the iPod Microsoft see money again and follow same story fail move on.
Sony make it huge on video game Microsoft see money and follow this isn’t a fail but it isn’t as successful as they wish.
Apple concomes out with a iPad Microsoft see money and follow and so far their tablets have been a so so niche for a few again not a success they wish for but not a fail.
I guarantee you that when the VR is successful Microsoft will follow again and try to make money , will they succeed or fail is up in the air. I just hope they don’t pull out of video game and leave Sony the king of the hill because Nintendo won’t push Sony the way Microsoft can

Aenea41d ago

I agree, MS is clearly not ready for VR and/or releasing games for it...

With the amount of exclusives they have for the X1 I can only imagine how many games they would have for their VR solution....

41d ago
goken41d ago

on one hand it maybe so, yeah hardware problem...

because everyone knows ms is doing oh so well when it cones to software for the xbo (eye roll)

Chevalier41d ago

They can't even get enough games on their vanilla system. They should worry more about getting more exclusives before trying to get VR games in the mix.

Edito41d ago

@Skull512, someone has to walk the way...

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Woolly_41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

We don't need yet another VR platform for shovel_ware & glorified demos.

The Xbox family need to increase the volume of its software output. That is priority.

If VR becomes a thing, I think that is likely to happen on PC before any other platform. . . Then MS can Join in.

MegamanXXX41d ago

Why are you getting disagrees?🤔 I agree with some of the things you just said

41d ago
MegamanXXX41d ago

I'm not concern with disagrees. I could really care less. He said software is a priority and that's a fact

OB1Biker41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Weird that you agree with some of what he said and yet he gets some disagrees, isn't it?
Haha just winding you up.
I personally disagree with his first statement. It would be best if all the industry pushed for VR gaming. I've read around here that competition is good for gaming. While I don't think it's necessarilly always true, VR needs a big push to evolve.
For that matter, you certainly realise he tries to downplay VR talking about demos while if you inform yourself you will know there are real games.

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


He's getting obligatory disagrees because of his reputation, same for any of the hardcore fanboys like Deepthroat, Bigpappy, moldybread, ect...

Even in the rare instance where they are being impartial or making a good point, people are just going to disagree due to past behavior, and I guess mob mentality. Not exactly fair, but he is right in this case.

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago


Personally, I think the technology needs more time to catch up, it wasn't really ready for mass deployment on a large scale. Plus it needs killer apps to make VR something people must own, at the moment it's just a cool gimmick. I have yet to be impressed by any VR solution on the market.

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Zeref41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Microsoft themselves are trying to make VR a thing on PC. That's why it's not on Xbox yet. Because it's really not a thing yet. I'm sure if they succeed on PC it will inevitably come to Xbox.

They partnered with the biggest tech companies in the world. Acer, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Samsung, I think HTC is joining as well. It's quite impressive that they got so many partners behind one platform. I think It's the biggest effort to make VR mainstream yet.

The mistake Oculus and HTC are making is trying to do everything alone.
Oculus for example makes the dumb business move of locking content to only Oculus Rift, They don't even make money from selling the Hardware. They make money from the Store. They would make a lot more money if they supported other headsets. The market is already small so why separate it and make it even smaller for yourself?

I think you will see Windows Mixed Reality headsets start dominating the market pretty quickly. It's got a lot going for it.
Support from the biggest companies in tech, inside-out tracking, great motion controllers from day one, Great software, Super simple set-up anyone can do it, lower requirements. very affordable.

generic-user-name41d ago

Yes, MS can jump on the bandwagon after the innovators make it a reality. But you're not wrong either about MS's need to focus on software output.

ImGumbyDammit41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

What innovators? You act like Microsoft hasn't been an innovator in VR. They have been part of VR before Palmer Lucky could speak his first words. They have many patents related to VR in their portfolio. And have been developing science in this area for several decades. "Bandwagon" that just shows your lack of understanding who Microsoft is in all this VR talk. Microsoft is just avoiding the clutter that VR is now on consoles. Releasing a VR solution for the XBX to only end up having an having an attachment rate of 1.4% of your overall consoles like Sony has done would be disaster and waste of energy and resources. Better spent waiting and putting money to other projects that will support 100% of the Xbox community not just a tiny percentage. However, Microsoft is pursuing VR by giving away Microsoft VR designs (including things like the inside-out tracking taken form HoloLens that all these devices use) to their partners. These OEMs (now around 9) aren't starting from scratch they are using Microsoft's reference designs. And at the same Microsoft time has created an open standard MR API for those OEMs to use will possibly allow more market cohesiveness. Multiple OEMs using the same tech and standards is the opposite of Oculus, HTC and PSVR which are closed systems. Non of those devices can truly work interchangeably with each others VR world. In fact, Microsoft has been integrating VR and AR into multiple products for awhile now. Every Windows 10 has been a VR enabled with a VR interface and the extensive and growing MR API built-into the system since RS2.

And you can relax (I can see you are worried that they aren't doing anything for the Xbox /s) we can fully expect anything built for the current MR devices from these OEMS will work just the same under the XBX when Microsoft sees VR makes more since. That time will be come when wireless VR kinks are worked out, possible VR & AR integrated into one device and of course when prices are driven down to make attachment rates higher than 1.4% niche that exists on PS4.

Unspoken41d ago

Preach! Finally, we are getting real answers.

Razzer41d ago

“The Xbox family need to increase the volume of its software output. That is priority.“

Mark the date. I just upvoted woolly

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XMessiah23x41d ago

VR is not a thing its still a few years away from being really good.

spreadlove41d ago

If it even comes to that for gaming. Great for many other things though.

Altspace is MS investment into that.

Apocalypse Shadow41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The problem was that there would have been no support for VR on Xbox one x at a profitable level at this time going into Christmas for developers. Gamers were told that Xbox one x was the **only** compatible Xbox for VR. There is only going to be so many Xbox one x's sold and a fraction of gamers would have purchased VR for it. If some gamers are spending $500 for the system, there would have been less than that spending **ANOTHER** $400-$500 for VR.

No developer is going to be wasting time money and effort on a market that small. Microsoft excused it as **we didn't want to distract developers at this time**. But the reality was that developers weren't interested in losing money developing games or porting games to Xbox for a small market.

If Microsoft didn't do any hands on experience to garner developer, journalist and gamer support like oculus, valve and Sony did for their headsets before launching them, there's no way in knowing how many consumers would be interested. Microsoft spent so much time hyping Hololens to overshadow VR at E3 and never released it for consoles. That was a "distraction."

Microsoft's plan now is to try and get control of the PC VR/AR market by flooding the market with hardware.

Step 1
Embrace: Development of software substantially compatible with a competing product, or implementing a public standard.

So right now, they are trying to create a public standard with OEM VR headsets. And made MR compatible with Steam. First step to try and monopolize. We know the rest which is EXTEND and EXTINGUISH.

Then later, make those headsets compatible with both Xbox one and Xbox one x as Microsoft dropped the " high fidelity VR " from their marketing. MR now has low and ultra compatibility on PC which should translate over to both Xbox systems. Xbox one will play some games and experiences. But Xbox one x will play all of them if you can afford it.

But right now, it wasn't worth it to developers or Microsoft unless they wanted to make no money on Xbox VR.

Zeref41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You're spot on. I didn't even think about that. Imagine how small the market for Xbox VR would be if it's only on Xbox One X.
Now a year or two from now. An Xbox VR would make more sense Xbox One X will probably have a bigger market, And Xbox 5 would right around the corner in 2020, I don't think VR will come to OG Xbox One. I don't think they want the shitty VR experience that you have on OG PS4.

I think they want devs to easily be able to port their high-end VR PC games to Xbox One X / Xbox 5 without compromising the experience.

ElementX41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I've heard that porting from PC to Xbox is relatively easy.

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago

I don't think it's difficult to port to any of the consoles this gen, they're pretty much computers as it is, unlike previous gens (I'm looking at you PS3).

spreadlove41d ago

MS already announced MR for Xbox One family, and lowered MR PC requirements accordingly. Even Oculus has reduced their requirements and Sony runs it on vanilla PS4.

gangsta_red41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Good article, but with the recent designs of Xbox One S, Xbox X and the elite controller I have to say that imo their hardware problems are long gone.

And the way that I am seeing now is MS is waiting on VR and seeing where it is headed and as of right now it doesn't look like it's headed anywhere near as successful as what people thought it would be. The device is still a novelty item with only less than a handful of actual good games for VR and the price plus accessories for the device are still high, even though they have recently come down.

Maybe by the time MS finally releases their VR/AR device, other VR devices and their the price will at least be at a more accessible level. That and maybe they'll be more interesting games that are a must have that can only be played in VR.

I also think that the headsets MS is developing will have potential to be compatible with the least with the X

nitus1041d ago

>> I also think that the headsets MS is developing will have potential to be compatible with the least with the X

Making a VR/AR headset that works on the XB1x without working on the XB1 and XB1s would be a great way of annoying over 30 million XBox users.

gangsta_red41d ago

Not really, if the result is an inferior experience I would think that would be an even more annoying to the Xbox users.