GameStop ad treats bad pre-order tactics like a joke

You like that content? Because it would be an awful shame if something were to happen to it.

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Chaosdreams427d ago

I can't seem to locate my laugh.

EatCrow427d ago


My answer is quite similar actually:

Blocked Bonus Mission?
No money from me.

KickSpinFilter426d ago

GameStop needs to shut the f-up! Bad pre-order tactics are all over GS.
Join Bestbuys players club
$30 dollars for two years
All $59.99 games $47.99 if you pre order or not.
If you preorder some times you get a giftcard for $10 so this month/past month Madden18, SWBF2, CODII, all $37.99
Plus you'll get all the useless crap for pre-ordering if you care.
If you want to wait before you either pick up or cancel pre-order to read reviews or see out in the world play, you have 5 days before they release your hold.

Germ_the_Nobody426d ago

Not only being used to this, but also expecting it, that's pretty dang funny.