Super Mario Odyssey receives first review in EDGE, awarded with a perfect score

This month’s issue of EDGE was originally supposed to be with subscribers at this point. However, the magazine was delayed “to accommodate an exclusive embargo.” Subscribers will have the issue tomorrow, but we’re hearing that it’s already showing up in stores – and Super Mario Odyssey is apparently on the cover.

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Neonridr346d ago

no surprise there.. seems like BOTW and Odyssey will be going head to head for best Switch game of 2017 and both will have strong considerations for GOTY.

hench07346d ago

BOTW and SMO will easily be the 2 highest scoring games of the year.

So unless an outlet has been paid off they are pretty much the only choice for GOTY.

EatCrow346d ago

Unless they agree then its been paid?? How so.
Really curious for your thought process as I and I know of others did not consider BOTW to be that amazing. But since we dont, according to you, we've been paid.

Neonridr346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

@EatCrow - and some people didn't like GTA V, or others The Last of Us. You can't please everyone. Horizon: Zero Dawn was a fantastic game, but there are plenty of people that didn't enjoy that game either.

Generally speaking though, BOTW has received universal praise by the bulk of the journalist and media outlets. So safe bet that the general consensus on the game is that they enjoy it. I have never seen a game get so many good reviews but it actually be a bad game. Games that receive like 6/10 can be very polarizing so it could come down to personal preference. Like The Order: 1886. I know many who enjoyed that game, even though it was reviewed not so great. But I don't think I have ever seen a game get so many 9's or 10's and be an actual bad game before. Judging by all the other games that have received those scores in the past several years as a basis of comparison.

I expect Mario to be the same, although generally speaking Mario games tend to be more accepted and appreciated by people. The true Mario games tend to invoke a real sense of fun, which is what the root cause of a video game should be.

Eonjay346d ago

I still think Horizon deserves a run at the title but i must say, it is getting harder and harder to resist getting a Switch

DarXyde345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Persona 5 is a bloody masterpiece. Definitely wouldn't call those the only choices.

Of course, I'm fine with any of the three being GOTY. Obviously haven't played SMO, but Persona 5 and Breath of the Wild are phenomenal games. I have no reservations regarding Odyssey's quality.

VenomUK345d ago

Two 10s in just over six months? That's a pretty excellent start for the Nintendo Switch!

Imalwaysright345d ago (Edited 345d ago )


It's the same kind of thought process that leads people to say that this game doesn't deserve this one score or that BoTW didn't deserve the scores it got as you can already see happening below.

@ DarXyde Couldn't agree more. Haven't played this one but it would be hard for me to choose between Zelda and Persona 5 for my favorite games not only of this year but the entire generation (witcher 3 is up there as well). I'm just glad that I could experience these games.


@ EatCrow

LMAO After reading the comments with more attention you're exactly one of them people I was talking about!

UltraNova345d ago

The last full 3D Mario I've played was Mario 64. Am I ashamed? Well...yeah. Do i care? Hell no. Do I have an ever increasing itch to go get a Switch and play the shit out of Odyssey? Hell yeah!!! I think I'm gonna make the jump after almost 2 decades, damn you Nintendo.

Uken12345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Love the morons that spout "Other games did it before BotW!" Whah whah whah.

That is so dumb because Nintendo has basically created the way people play 3D games or most games. They did a lot of stuff before other games. And then when other companies release critically acclaimed games, the same Naysayers of BotW will spout how amazing it is. Mostly because they are great graphics with mediocre gameplay and hollywood style story. But no innovation in gameplay, game mechanics or the such. But never mention how these games have sourced from Ocarina of Time anyways, because most 3d games do. Or other games such as Elder Scrolls, GTA, etc.

BotW is amazing for many reasons. It isn't the first open world game. Because Zelda has been open world before. How they put the game together in every aspect of game design is why many people who have been gaming all of there life appreciate it.

I know people who haven't played a game in 10-20 years play through BotW, because the world is immersive. It's the whole package people, they delivered it well and it is amazing.

There are other great games that came out, but when you stack them up, they most likely don't hold up to be GotY.

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Corpser346d ago

BOTW is among the best games of all time, we will see about Mario

dillydadally345d ago

@TheDreamCorridor lol k? You act as if his opinion is far fetched. I can understand you personally thinking the game is overrated, but you'd have to be a pretty biased person to think that the general consensus is that BOTW is not among the best games of all time. It has a 97 on metacritic. I think your opinion is the outlier here.

shingojacky345d ago

@TheDreamCorridor seriously, buy a switch, you are gonna love it

jmoose190345d ago

@dillydadally BOTW's near-perfect metascore remains a mystery to me. As a fan of open world games and an even bigger fan of the Zelda franchise, BOTW was like a 7/10. Tedious and repetitive. It's great for 10 hours, then it's just good.

WickedLester345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

BOTW is a good game but I do think it's a tad overrated. There's absolutely nothing that BOTW does that other RPG's didn't already do a long time ago. You change the name of Zelda BOTW to something like Joe's Adventure and the scores would drop.

Corpser345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

It’s not just my opinion, many reviews say that, and the 97 metacritic score shows that too

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-Foxtrot346d ago

If one of them is going to win GOTY I really hope it's Odyssey

The 10th Rider346d ago

Yeah, BOTW was great, but despite how incredible of an experience it is I still feel there was a lot of room for refinement and improvement.

The past few Mario games, however, have been nearly flawless experiences. Odyssey seems to be the perfect blend of taking inspiration from old games while refining the core gameplay and introducing new concepts. On top of that while each previous Mario game has largely had an overarching aesthetic theme, Odyssey has an overarching theme while still having each world have its own unique vibe. Whereas BOTW took Zelda in an exciting new direction, with plenty of room to explore in sequels, Odyssey truly looks like the 3D Mario series perfected. I don't really know what else you could ask for in a game.

RommyReigns346d ago

And Odyssey is going to smash that overrated empty open world zelda game

Neonridr346d ago

I don't know about overrated, but it could very well smash it.

higgins78345d ago

A case of can't see the forest for the tree's for you, is it? Cretin.

RommyReigns345d ago


Wow, calling me a 'cretin' because you're butthurt over a video game? Guess what, you've won (not the usual nomination handed out, but WON) the 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - October 2017' award. Now go away and shove it up your ass you wretched scum of a lifeform.

Prince_TFK345d ago


Had you spoken with a bit more sense then no one would have called you that.

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EatCrow345d ago

To respond to your reply.

I agree with you but it doesnt mean the outlet is paid if they dont place those. I really like and disliked BOTW and wouldnt have given it so high and therefore would put it in any list for GOTY. My big problem was the dungeons....gone are the dungeons from previous we get puzzles...yay.

I do see a trend of gaming sites reviewing games i dislike high and games i like lower. Many mainstream games get great reviews but then when I play them I find them to be quite average. It does appear like the reviewers all have similar tastes. In my opinion of course.

I too expect BOTW to win many awards because of what you say and it is true. But I dont think that a site who doesnt list it is paid. Not immediately anyways/

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UCForce346d ago

It was expected but it's nice to see.

Erik7357346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Two game of the year games under Nintendo's belt

remixx116345d ago

Couldn't expect less, next up is metroid and xeno

conanlifts345d ago

I am expecting xeno to trend in the mid 80's, though for me it is one of the reasons i was sold on the switch.

The 10th Rider345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

That home console Fire Emblem next year could knock things out of the park too. The series has been killing it on 3DS and it'll be the first time we get a Fire Emblem game on home consoles since the series' popularity exploded. On top of that we've got projects from the talented folks over at Retro Studios and Next Level Games. Sure they won't *all* be GOTY contenders in their respective years, but there's definitely a lot to look forwards to.

Prince_TFK345d ago

Cam't imagine what will hold for Pokemon and Smash next year. Great time to own a Switch.

zivtheawesome346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

the nintendo check got through i see /s
great job nintendo on having 2 such great games in one year! sadly i don't own a switch and really can't afford one right now (switch here costs the equivalent of 500$ and currently i can't really afford that.) but seems like a great game which i hope many will enjoy and i'll definitely watch it online (please don't take what i said about "watching it online" as fanboyism or anything i didn't mean that in a troll way).

Neonridr346d ago

it's ok, at least you are honest about it. Maybe one day when the prices come down or your situation changes you will be able to pick one up. It really is a great little games machine.

Nebaku345d ago

You haven't played it yet buddy.

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