Destiny 2 has an end-game problem

Whether you're already there or still trying to finish your first Nightfall, you will eventually experience Destiny 2's end-game, of which there is none.

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AnubisG311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Well, once you reach 305 there isn't much to do that's worth your time. Yes, you can still raid to get the raid weapons and armor. Do a prestiege nightfall (one time is plenty enough because it's not fun).

They kind of ruined the point of strikes. I played maybe 10-15 strikes from the strike playlist because there is no point to them anymore and D1 strikes were a lot more fun anyway.

The whole game is based on a loot system. It hooks you like a gambling machine but once you realize that and that the game itself get's boring fast....than well, not much to do.

I think D1 was a lot more fun. Or is it just nostalgia talking?

Basically, loot keeps you playing but once you can't level up anymore, it will lose all it's meaning.

Palitera311d ago

"It hooks you like a gambling machine".
Destiny 1 was a skinner box app too. This is not new in D2. What is different is that the endgame gambling quickly stops providing you anything new or useful.
OP is right. Once you reached Nightfall, the game is basically over. It is easy, unneeded and useless to reach 305. With 280 you can do anything. Compare it to D1, where you needed at least level 29 for the hard raid, which rewarded you with super cool weapons...
D2 is better, but the endgame simply does not exist.


The catch with D1 which helped keep people hooked was the random rolls on gear. This created the "God roll" class that people were forever chasing.

personally I hated the random rolls on weapons because if RNG was not on your side, it was about the most frustrating grind in a game I can think of.

D2 fixed this in a way because now all weapons have the same rolls. Once you have a gun, thats it, you don't need to keep chasing after it.

Now add on top of this the fact that the D2 raid and gear is not all that great compared to D1. The story, well I know everyone is happy there is a story this time, but in all honestly, the story was not all that at all. nothing that made me feel I wanted to play through it for a second time.

Add all these factors and ya, once you get to 305 nothing to do.

lukferr311d ago

All the weapons are shit besides a few really great ones that I always use. There are no random rolls anymore so you know that there is nothing to get. I haven't played Destiny 2 for weeks because there's no point. I don't care about stupid gear and stupid weapons that I won't use. I'm all ready set-up. Finished the raid 3 times in the first week it was out. The week after the same thing, and since then I haven't played. There is no point if they aren't going to increase the light level.

jjb1981311d ago

I agree. I used to run the strike playlists a couple hours at a time in D1 with the vanguard booster. Getting strike specific gear and skeleton keys was fun. Siva caches were fun too but died out pretty quick.

joab777311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

The issue isn’t content. It’s that the rewards are not meaningful at all. This is worse that having nothing to do. It’s having a lot to do, but not wanting to because it’s not satisfying. It would be easy to introduce some things for people to chase that are very rewarding. Also, there is content, a lot of content that has no rewards at all, which isn’t great for a looter.

The good news is that it is easy to fix. Fingers crossed.

AnubisG311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

See, here you shone light to a very big problem. The content that is there isn't worth replaying without rewards because it isn't that good and rewarding by itself. People need some sort of a reward or something to chase in order to keep playing. I belive that is a huge problem. It is true, play strikes a few times and they become boring to play. Play the raid a few times and the same thing. I know, most games get boring after a while but there are games that you can keep going back to because they are simply fun to play over and over again and that in itself is the reward.


Yea, I'm growing bored of it already.

Neonridr311d ago

I think we put up with the lack of doing anything in Destiny 1 and grinded the same stuff over and over again once you reached the cap. This time around we are less forgiving.

However, Destiny 1 @ launch didn't have a ton of stuff to do either once you maxed out. Problem is at least Destiny 1 at the end had a bunch of different things you could do since it had all the DLC incorporated.

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Asuka311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

It really does. I feel like this time around Bungie has put way to much thought into game balance, and sacrificing fun and unique gameplay. Too much casual, not enough hardcore. Tokens system isnt exciting at all. There are no standout weapons ala ghorn, last word, and etc. All the guns are kinda the same and the set perks make everything kinda bland. Power level means nothing as it only really applies to Nightfall and Raid. Everything else is normalized (balanced). Even endgame PVP has Power level advantages turned off. Power lvl 280s should not be able to compete against 305s in Trials or Iron Banner. All imo tho....

thekhurg311d ago

One of the biggest complaints about the original was the lack of balance between normal players, and the people that can sit all day and no-life the game and have advantages.

Bungie solves two things with D2. They balanced the weapons better by having static traits which stopped the top percentage of players from vaulting ahead. It also allows Bungie to better tweak the system for weapon balancing instead of what they went through in the previous game with guns being useless.

They can and hopefully will adjust high caliber rounds in D2 to fix some of the current problems. The rest of the system is working as intended.

The casual market makes up the vast majority of a gaming community. They need to be treated with respect as well.

Asuka311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Yeah i agree. Destiny 1 wasn't casual friendly at all. I just feel that this time around they put too much effort into balance. Took away some of the depth, and made the endgame feel shallow. But even with all the balancing it still doesn't explain why Power Level is even a thing. It literally does nothing but gate you from activities. If you are too under level you are punished, but you can never be over levelled as everything scales. You always feel constantly weak, and never overpowered. Let alone there are currently only two activities that consider power level as everything else has power advantages turned off. So what even the point? why is it even a thing? Why not just have everything unlock at lvl 20, and not even both with power level? I mean all the guns are essentially the same roles now and output the same damage regardless of power level since everything is normalized...

Not hating on the game just general concerns coming from 1000hrs of D1, and roughly 150hrs of D2.

EatCrow311d ago

But if the casuals finish the game too fast then they leave. The whole point of sticking to it is to get to the top. If the top is reached early on then the incentive to continue drops to near 0.

That has the effect of a disappearing community.

EatCrow311d ago

Welcome to the future of tokenism. Cant have people outshine others too much. lol

Asuka311d ago

FeelsBadMan. For a game that is suppose to be an "investment" game it sure does a good job of not rewarding you or giving you a reason to invest in it xD

EatCrow311d ago

Destiny isnt the only game doing this kind of unrewarding thing.
Heard about battlefront 2? Those lootboxes control everything and the credits you earn are equal to everyone else's, no matter how much better you performed.

Finally the Equality some were looking for..... it sucks.

BenRC01311d ago

Pointless playing any other day than Tue for the reset

gamer9311d ago

I'm giving up hope for the franchise. I thought they were going to have a huge world with lots of npcs and lore. Instead we get the same game with a linear story about the cabal, which nobody asked for.

ApexWolf22311d ago

For those of us who can't/don't raid, the endgame struggle is real, I'm not even sure if I can get to 305 without doing them, I'm currently at 282 without raiding but I've gotten some exotic gear @ 298, you have to atleast do the nightfalls tho...

thekhurg311d ago

You can be 305 without ever touching a nightfall strike or raid.

lukferr311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

You don't need to raid. Just do you weekly Flashpoints... the Nightfall... Clan engrams (you can join heaps of clans and you don't have to do anything or talk to anyone) and just collect the power engrams every week... like 4 or so.... and get exotics, and you will be maxed in no time at all.

InTheZoneAC311d ago

It takes a few minutes to setup lfg nightfall

Stogz311d ago

It's easier than that now with Guided Games.

Stogz311d ago

You can, it'll take time tho but completing milestones will get you high powered gear and nitefall as well.

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