Sony’s Most Valuable Contractor

Mark Cerny was the mastermind behind the PlayStation 4 and helped design one of Sony’s latest games. Officially, though, he has no responsibilities.

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281d ago
ninsigma281d ago

"outside Sony’s chain of command, allowing him to follow his interests across projects and avoid bureaucratic roadblocks."

That's the dream.

ifrit_caress280d ago

This guy might have one of the best jobs out there.

Deep-throat279d ago

Yeah, but he didn't reach that sweet spot of his career easily. He worked hard and a lot, I believe.

Xenophon_York279d ago

Few probably know, and fewer understand, that the PlayStation 3 was considered "a step backwards."
Here's the magically exciting part:
With wizard Mark Cerny directly in charge of two back-to-back PlayStation hardware architectural processes, the PS5 is poised to be truly next gen.

DialgaMarine279d ago

It will be very interesting to see where PS5 will go.

spreadlove279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Mark Cerny was also in charge of PS4 Pro, and that turned out to be a disappointment, so I hope he learned some lessons there for PS5. Also, keep that compatibility in PS5 with enhancements, not butterfly mirrored chip disabling.

I have mad respect for Cerny as he seemed like an incredibly humble guy. I rarely hear him speak though.

DivineAssault 279d ago

The pro was just for UHD tv owners.. $100 more than a standard PS4.. If this guy builds the PS5, it will be interesting.. Especially after seeing microsoft play their hand..

Xenophon_York279d ago

Hmmmm...interesting—I've been thoroughly enjoying my Pro. Especially games like Destiny 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and Witcher III. (Well those and basically every single game on PS4.)

And, yes, Mark Cerny is a quiet guy. He doesn't exactly communicate on the same level as most individuals—he's from another 'planet' of thinking. Which is fine—because his designs reflect the same awesome characteristic. Still, pretty oddly unique guy.

Silly gameAr279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

For someone named spreadlove, you sure do spread a lot of hate, unless MS or Xbox are involved.

Xenophon_York279d ago

Silly gameAr— didn't notice anything particularly negative.

Cryptcuzz279d ago

He was referring to spreadlove's comment and I quote:

"Mark Cerny was also in charge of PS4 Pro, and that turned out to be a disappointment"

That sounds pretty negative to me lol.

That is his opinion though, so it's cool.

I on the other hand cannot go back to a regular PS4, since I have been enjoying the PS4 Pro with games like GT:Sport, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon, Uncharted 4 (And Lost Legacy) The Last of US to name a few. Not being able to play those games at 4K and HDR would be truly disappointing to me.

Cryptcuzz279d ago

I am looking forward to what he comes up with for PS5.
With how he handled PS4 and the late switch to 8GB GDDR5
-that surprised everyone, PS5 will be magical indeed.

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cha0sknightmare279d ago

Dudes a legend and glad Sony have him on board.

SilverDemon279d ago

Sony know how to valu talents. Just look at how quickly they picked up kojima

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