Super Mario Odyssey Will Take Full Advantage Of Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons, Says Koizumi

Our red cap-wearing plumber is back and it’s just 2 more weeks away before Super Mario Odyssey’s launch on Nintendo Switch. With the power of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, players will get to experience more with the controllers on Super Mario Odyssey according to the game's producer.

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FallenAngel198444d ago

I'd just stick with the Pro Controller all things considered

Soulst0rmer43d ago

Surprisingly, in accordance with a lot of things I've read and seen, using the Joycon Motion in this game feels the most natural.

MegamanXXX43d ago

I play with the Pro controller myself it's just better imo

3-4-543d ago

I'll be using the Pro controller as well.

I've yet to even really try the joy-cons aside from like 30 seconds of it on menus and stuff.

I've used my Switch as 100% home console so I've just been using Pro controller and I'd prefer to use that for this game too.

Summons7543d ago

That still has HD rumble so you aren't going to miss anything.

Neonridr43d ago

I love the feel of the Pro controller in my hands. It fits very nicely there.

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ibrake4naps43d ago

As long as it doesn't force me. I only like motion controls in VR.

ClanPsi143d ago

Please don't make it mandatory. For the love of god, please.

higgins7843d ago

F***ing self-proclaimed 'hardcore' geeks here in the comments with the usual "I wanna use the pro controller" whining. These are the very same who trolled Skyward Sword just because their brains couldn't be reprogrammed into a different way of thinking. It's called innovation - go on, give it a try.

Yi-Long41d ago

... or perhaps I don't want to wave and flap my arms around for the sake of supposed 'innovation', while I could be sitting comfortably and relaxed with a great controller in my hands, which would do everything I ask of it to do...

Innovation means it needs to be BETTER than what came before. While obviously some will very much enjoy motion-controls, personally, I do not care for it that much. And I certainly don't want it forced upon me in order to sell me their expensive peripherals.

Imagine games like Dirt 4 and Driveclub and Mario Kart ONLY allowing you to control their games through motion-sensitive controllers. Now I like the OPTION of controlling Driveclub by tilting my controller left and right for steering. I certainly wouldn't have wanted them to FORCE those controls on me.

higgins7839d ago

*rolls eyes*

Waving and flapping arms around wildly = doing it wrong. Doing as much wouldn't have gotten you very far on the majority of games built around motion controls for the Wii for example.