Destiny 2's Iron Banner Does Little to Stand Out

From the gear to the gameplay, Destiny 2’s Iron Banner is simply a new skin on the same content. But the skins look great!

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spicelicka311d ago

As a long time Halo player, the PvP in this game isn't on the same level imo. The co-op strikes, raids, etc. are amazing though.

Kane22311d ago

this isn't even iron banner...they turned off everything that made iron banner. its pretty much crucible with iron banners name on it...

Battlefieldlover311d ago

Spot on. D2 has swung so far to the casual market that its lost what identity it had. I kind of hate myself a little cause I want to play but I can't. My clan and guys ive been playing with since launch of D1 aren't playing anymore. No one wants to do nightfalls. We ran 3 raids maybe. We got flawless two weeks ago. Now they are done until next expansion I guess.