We Drove a Nissan GT-R With a PlayStation Controller — And It Worked

The next time someone says playing a racing game with a pad is unrealistic, show them this.

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Septic138d ago

Plot twist: the battery ran out quicker than anticipated and the GTR collided into a hot falafel stand.

corroios136d ago

Why dont you go troll elsewhere with your last last gen batterie pad

Rare136d ago

an accident of peace no doubt

YAO-BLING135d ago

forza must be boring if you're on n4g trolling on playstation articles

Liqu1d135d ago

He still hasn't bought or played it despite talking about how great it is.

The_Jackel135d ago

don't quit your day job lol

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crazychris4124138d ago

Would have been realy cool if they used PSVR and the video wasn't over edited

Apocalypse Shadow137d ago

With a little skill and the power of PlayStation, you too, can drive real cars.

Dual shock required.

freshslicepizza136d ago

No age required, so lets not pretend videogames are the same thing as real driving. I would hate to see people who think they are professional drivers go out and do this in the real world,

Goldby136d ago

They have done that though, through the Nissan Academy.
Gamers competed to earn a chance to become actual professional race car drivers (age requirments and all)
one these competed through GT, and won, they were put into race car driving program to hone their skills in a car based off of their experience with the game.

some of them have even won races against actual pro race car drivers.

The beauty of GT sports rating system is that it will prevent shit like this happening in championship races.

Eonjay136d ago

No one is doing that. This does however show us how sim GT really is..

UCForce136d ago

You didn't know GT have GT Academy, did you ?

137d ago
Seraphim135d ago

while cool and all... I prefer to drive my Z in real life rather than to control it. That is of course unless I'm playing a game and they have a Z I can use while gaming. Even then the Z is only used when required; class specific.

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