Top 20 WiiWare Games (20-11)

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "This past week, Nintendo announced that after more of a decade they would be shutting down the Wii Shop Channel. Many gamers (myself included) have found memories of taking our Wii consoles online, putting in our Wii Point Card numbers and downloading a whole bunch of classic Nintendo, Sega and NEC titles onto the Wii system. But the Wii Shop Channel was also home to a whole catalogue of new games that made up the system’s WiiWare service. It was here that many of the system’s smaller and more experimental titles came into being and many of the developers that brought us these games are now responsible for big indie series’ thanks to their original success on WiiWare. So as a sort of goodbye to Nintendo’s original download service, we’re counting down the Top 20 Best WiiWare games starting with numbers 20 through 11 today (check back next Friday for 10 -1)."

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