More Great Stuff Announced For GTA Online

More great stuff for fans of GTA Online has arrived and it looks like gamers will have plenty of new options as well.

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theXtReMe1427d ago

With as popular as this game is, where the hell is the Pro and X patch? Id imagine the Pro could do 1440p-1600p and the X with 4K textures and 1800p-4K. I love the game and its world and it deserves the upgrade for the more powerful systems.

Garethvk427d ago

My guess is priority is more content and getting Red Dead 2 out.

theXtReMe1427d ago

Im sure you are probably right, though those getting these more powerful systems want to see games that take advantage of them. Releasing a patch keeps them still playing it, instead of those games that are getting an upgrade. A win for Rockstar if they do so, in my opinion. That and I want to see how far they could push the game on the X. The game already looks phenomenal on the base systems, cant imagine how incredible it would look on the more powerful ones.

Garethvk427d ago

Very true and I think with that and Red Dead 2, it would reduce some of the pressure to release a GTA 6 soon after RD2 ships. I figure 12-18 months after RD2 is when we may be due for their next big one but they could surprise us.

chris235426d ago

they are number one. and if you're number one the "why try harder question becomes very valid"

meka2611426d ago

Now they just need to add some missions that actually give you decent money to afford all the new stuff.

BlacKJesu5426d ago

Your mission is to buy shark cards /s

frostlatch426d ago

What I dont understand is why they have to make it so painful to unlock any of this stuff by grinding. So many people play the game and yet its difficult to get full lobbies sometimes for game modes and that in turn makes it difficult to get the cash you need or RP. I dont know. I love the game but its incredibly difficult to stay into it when it costs billions to get everything. I want my own plane and armored car and all that but I dont have the time to grind for it and theres no way in hell Im buying a shark card.