Sonic Forces’ Custom Hero mode might not be the wish fulfillment you want

For many fans, the big sell of Sonic Forces is that you can create your own original, playable character. But don’t read too much into this — Custom Hero mode isn’t exactly an in-depth, fan art-inspired mode so much as one using parts from the existing Sonic Forces universe, according to the game’s developers.

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Teflon02280d ago

When I criticized it a while ago someone on here cried saying the sonic fanbase is horrible. Ironically, I loved every sonic game within 10 years on ps, and that includes sonic 4 part 1 and 2

cha0sknightmare279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

I played Forces at EGX, i'm not sure how old the build was, but the custom character played like crap. Awful level design with bottomless pits and insta-kill quicksand. Sloppy deceleration that was causing people to run off edges after landing jumps... it was just a mess. Really hope they fix it.