‘Wolfenstein’ Has Always Been Anti-Nazi and Nothing Has Changed

Should Wolfenstein change what it’s always been about? No. That’s what makes it unique as a franchise.

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FallenAngel198445d ago

Does an article about the obvious really need to be made?

When was being anti-Nazi a bad thing?

ThatDudeMunkee45d ago

Twitter should tell you enough. There's people actually upset by the games theme.

wonderfulmonkeyman45d ago

Those people aren't going to last very long, then.
Nazi-lovers seldom live to a ripe old age, and when they do they're not exactly welcomed in normal social circles.XD

ThatDudeMunkee45d ago

That's for sure. This seemed yo serve true after the riots not long ago.

EatCrow44d ago

Nope. You misunderstand.
Its not the nazis from germany that theyre upset about but the nazi them.
Neo nazi crap that is current.

I love wolfenstein and love killing nazis in the game but I can understand why some who've been labeled "neo-nazis" would have a problem with this kind of theme right now.

gantarat45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

before WWII ? (1934-1939)

trumpwonstopcrying45d ago

It's not a bad to be anti-nazi. Nazi ideals are quite awful. The controversy now is more that the hate group Antifa is using their anti-nazi stance to commit and justify acts of violence. and the game has an anti-nazi group in it that hurts people. It has nothing to do with bethesda or wolfenstein. It's just yet another political argument for people to bicker over. Best thing to do is just sit back an LOL @ the morons who bicker over the dumbest stuff.

The nazi's of today are just made up of misguided youth who wanted to belong to something and got brainwashed by some sick people.

45d ago
kellyanne8545d ago

Congress Passes Anti-White-Supremacist Resolution, But It’s Unclear If Trump Will Sign It

Trump didn't sign it. Never renounced white supremacy even when both the house and the senate easily passed the bi-partisan bill.

trumpwonstopcrying45d ago

What do you think Nazi's are other than misguided and mentally ill youth that become brainwashed by sociopaths?

The problem is that these people are mentally ill and have been misguided by sick people who use them for their own personal gain.

Calling them wannabees is ignorant and ignores the problem of mental illness in this country. People aren't born with nazi ideals but they are born with predispositions to dangerous mental problems which help create these issues.

Do you think the man who drove his car into a crowd of people was a wannabee? No he was a guy in his early 20's with a history of mental illness and antisocial behavior in school.

And as you defend antifa i should remind you that even though they stand for something that seems noble it's all just a sick excuse to cause violence. Oh how nice, a hate group that accepts all races. Anyone who joins antifa or joins a nazi group is a disgusting human being. Yes the nazi's are worse but in the end it's like comparing a small pile of garbage to a much larger pile of's all still garbage

I will say that the people on the right are just too afraid to denounce some of their voters which is also disgusting.

45d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


"Antifa has not killed a single person"
Source for that?
Because, while I agree with most of your points, it's a proven fact that Antifa is a VERY agressive, confrontational, disrespectful and violent group.
There are plenty of videos proving this out there; for all you or I know, there has probably been someone who has suffered deadly injury from one of them.
I don't know what side the Vegas shooter was on, but he was definitely anti-Trump, and while no evidence has been brought forth by the FBI, there have been conflicting reports floating around of him being linked to Antifa.

Even if the Vegas shooter is not Antifa, with how that group has been acting, it really is only a matter of time until someone in that group DOES take a human life.

UCForce45d ago

You are not helping here, buddy. @kevon04 is right about this.

ShadowWolf71244d ago

Not really. Antifa is openly known to be violent, they encourage assault on anyone you even SUSPECT to be a Nazi, believe speech should be regulated and disagreeable speech silenced...

They're really not much better.

That said: Nothing about this game is controversial. The "people" the group in this game hurt? Nazis. Literal Nazis, not just "suspected" or "you don't agree with me so you are one" Nazis. Real, literal, Third Reich Nazis. There is no "parallel" with that here, there is no "hurting people", there's killing Nazis. Period. If you think that's meant, in any way, to praise Antifa, you're a nut.

44d ago
EatCrow44d ago

@ kevon

1 There are no american nazis except the ones who do language policing and beliefs policing.
2 Nope , they get mixed up in it because the left call whoever disagrees with them nazis now.
3 No american cares to make america a white only nation. But im sure theyre against illegal immigration.
4 You just stated it. Unless we do something you tell us to do we will all be lumped into your idea of american nazi. Its a form of harassment and violent threat.

5 Psychos drive cars into people. A black man went into a church and killed a bunch of white people
But you dont see people claiming that he stands for anyone other then himself. Period.

The way I see it. Commies and Nazis like to lump people together. Normal people like to stand united and the message is clear to anyone who listens. These rallies you speak of have more then just whites joining in. People of all colors and backgrounds back up those rallies. If it was truly white supremacy they would not.

By the way your link does not have any links to each associated attack.
Why not? Is it his assumption or fact? I dont assume that the black man was anything more then a deranged black man. That is all.

44d ago
yeahright244d ago

That’s not what I’m seeing. Bethesda is being called SJW and pushing a leftist agenda. I’m sorry but being anti nazi is not a left or right thing, it’s an American thing. At least it should be. The alt right is pushing real hard to normalize this stuff now. “both sides” nonsense. This is more reflective of what’s happening with the anti SJW crowd. They started off with a good point as PC culture was getting out of hand, but now they’ve been taken over by bigots and don’t realize it. Now any view that isn’t right wing is SJW.

vegasgamerdawg44d ago

Antifa is nonviolent, you're talking about black bloc protesters and anarchist. Keep watching fox and reading breibart to make up your fictional reality. Or you could fact check stuff...nah..reality sucks and google is hard. Now, go back to your bubble of ignorance..smfh.

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zivtheawesome45d ago

"Does an article about the obvious really need to be made?"
with some reactions to this game online i'd say there is sadly.

drunkenspy00744d ago

Since they took refuge in America and no laws or justice stood up to remove them, rather protect them under 'freedom of speech' even though all they speak is hate. Anyway, it's a good thing to be anti-nazi.

generic-user-name44d ago

It's not a bad thing. However it's very easy to get yourself labelled as a Nazi these days.

EatCrow44d ago

Extremely easy. Simply have a different opinion and an open mind and now you're a nazi.
Labels are very dangerous. Communism uses labels to divide and conquer.

I hop people wake up begin to actually treat each other like fellow human beings instead of enemies. We, just recently, were able to look past the color of a persons skin, or his sex, now it seems the media is reopening race wounds and creating ones where they never existed.

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PhoenixUp45d ago

Killing Nazis has been a time honored tradition in videogames and various other media for decades now.

Why is it suddenly controversial now?

ThatDudeMunkee45d ago

Seems the game releasing within the current political climate.

generic-user-name44d ago

People trying to paint trump supporters as nazis is why.

Silly gameAr44d ago

People trying? Nah, Trump supporters are doing a good job of doing that themselves.

GrubsterBeater44d ago

George Soros, Media Matters, and the mainstream media are to blame for the hysteria.. making all Trump supporters and conservatives seem like racists and Nazis. Then you have these brainwashed, delusional Liberals who believe it. And one day, because of them, the government that THEY create is gonna be counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums, unless they are stopped.

44d ago
EatCrow44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

@Silly gamAr
As your name suggests. I dont recall these people calling themselves nazis.
They've been labeled and sooner or later will be hunted.

What @Grubster is not so strange that it hasnt happened before. It can still happen if ignorance and misinformation remains prevalent. Much of the media should be shut down for what they are doing.

44d ago
Atticus_finch44d ago

Poor Trump supporters. But I bet your okay with Mexicans being labeled rapist and criminals. I bet you didn't say anything when an entire religion was being banned from the U.S. Or when rights are being taken away from woman and Lgbt. Or When Republicans continue to try and take health care away from millions. People are calling Nazis, Nazis, they simply happen to be all Republicans. You don't like it them denounce them.

generic-user-name44d ago


If we ever see people start comparing evil Mexicans in a video game with actual Mexicans in real life and thinking they relate to each other, then maybe you can compare. I bet you're ok with the countries (not religions/unless all the American Muslims were exiled??) that were on the ban list, having ban lists of their own. I bet you're quick to paint Christianity as evil when a priest molests a child, but hurries onto social media to post '#notallmuslims' when yet another terrorist attack hits Europe.

I hearby denounce Nazis, wow, great, now people will stop calling innocent Trump supporters Nazis right?

Atticus_finch44d ago

It's very obvious that being Republicans doesn't make you a Nazi, but that is easy to overlook when people want to defend Nazis and attack the people against nazis.

So you will wait until evil Mexicans in video games are compared to real Mexicans, before you care about the President doing it in real life. Hipocrite! But you pretend to care so much about using the wrong label.

Im not okay with any ban list, Bannin people only ATTEMPTS to cure a symptom. The root of the problem lies with countries that have been destabilized by action of bigger countries, one being USA. Ban won't get you far, these coutries need help, mostly education. The ban and Trump speeches are great recruiting tools for ISIS thou.

When a priest is evil, that's him as an individual. Very easy for me to see that, but why can you and Trump with most Republicans not think the same way because there's a 1 billion Muslims. If they were all bad we would already be dead.

I will say it a different way. Not all Republicans are Nazis but Nazis proudly support Republicans. And so do the white supremacists and KKK.
Republicans and Trump need to stop doing things this racist groups like.

Good on you for denoucing them but remember actions speak louder than words.

yeahright243d ago

No one is saying all trump supporters are Nazis, but if you are a Nazi/ Nazi sympathizer, you're probably a trump supporter.

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guyman45d ago

You're an idiot if you are offended by a video game

DrKarateChop44d ago

Exactly! Video games don't matter! They aren't art!

ThatDudeMunkee44d ago

How are games not art? This statement has left me perplexed.

EatCrow43d ago

Games are art. And you can be offended. Say a game decides to state that all blacks are not human. I can see some taking offense to that. They just need to see past that to the plot or the point of the game and not singling out the lines and topics used to tell the story.

But yes they can be offensive. But even a bird can be offensive by crashing into someones head. Just be a mature adult and move on. Just a matter of not letting the offense get to you.

WelkinCole45d ago

Yes and I love it because they are absolute scum. Visited my grand uncle's grave in France when my grandfather was still alive. I will never forget it.

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