Tekken 7 Sales Top Two Million

Tekken 7 has sold over two million copies as of September, director Katsuhiro Harada said on Twitter. The game launched worldwide on June 2.

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NoPeace_Walker45d ago

Best fighting game I've played this year. Well deserving of the sales.

I can't wait to see the enhancement on the XB1X. Killer Instinct managed full native 4K and hoping this game gets similiar treatment on the X.

MegamanXXX44d ago

My favorite fighting game this year!!!

bouzebbal44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I never really enjoyed this series even if i got Tekken 1 with PS1.
I was part of the Virtua Fighter back then, and then DoA later on.

I'm still glad they keep making quality episodes for the fans.

lxeasy44d ago

No doubt Killer Instinct will look great on the X. Is Tekken 7 confirmed to get also get enhanced? The is already really pretty.

TheOttomatic9144d ago

As a long time Tekken fan this is lovely to see

WeAreLegion44d ago

Hey, Capcom. Watch and learn.

PhoenixUp44d ago

Tekken 7 sold more in a few months than Street Fighter V will in two years

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