Loot Boxes Are More Proof that the Economics of Videogames Are Broken

Poor budgeting and high expectations makes videogame development a very unstable industry.

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WePlayDirty278d ago

Should there even be a form of economics in video games that are $60+ in price?

zerocarnage278d ago

No there shouldn't and it sickens me to think there is now..

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raWfodog278d ago

But if that's what is keeping AAA games at $60, then why not? The other alternative would be to raise the standard price of video games which I've heard rumblings of for a while. Consumers are used to (and willing) to pay that much for video games so publishers have to find a way to pass along increasing development costs to the consumer.

I'm definitely against loot boxes for items/gear that can only be gained by paying for them. But if I can earn the same items/gear eventually just by playing through the game, then I'll just not care at all about the loot boxes, which seems to be the case according to the latest reviews. People keep demanding more quality content in games but where will the money come from

WePlayDirty278d ago

Keep believing the lies of inflation. It’s a greedy business practice. That’s all it is.

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zerocarnage278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Micros should of stayed put where they were born and justified which was free2play games. Greed is rife in this industry now through every level of developing and I've said for a long time this industry is too unregulated to the point publishers and developers are doing what they want.

Thing is what about the gamer, where is our justice in all this, truth is there won't be any till an independent governing body is put in place that is aloud to say no to publishers and developers and put a stop to it all.

If you think things are bad now, wait till next gen and see even more outrageous charges and ways to make extra coin off gamers.

It will end up either being where gamers get so Fed up that the stance we should of took a loong long time ago finally takes place or that publishers and devs end up doing way to much that it puts the whole industry into an economic decline.

Either way I've already gotten to that point half way through this gen and said enough is enough, will not be supporting full retail priced micro T games at all no matter how good they look or are.

I may only be one person saying this from small fraction of gamers out of million who actually do micro Ts, but unless millions are willing to stop buying the micro Ts in full priced games nothing will change.

Join the cause and say screw to microTs

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