Volition To Take A Look at What Went Wrong with Agents of Mayhem In A More Intense Way Than Usual

Volition's Studio Development Director said they'll take a look at what went wrong with Agents of Mayhem and it'll be more intense than the usual post-mortem analysis.

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Imp0ssibl3226d ago

They shot themselves in the foot by cutting co-op.

blackblades226d ago

Never played coop in there games so no.

PeaSFor226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Its easy to understand where it went wrong, they took Saints Row, drained it of all its awsome sauce, changed the name, made it ultra dull and tame and targeted preteens as its target audience.

... so yeah...., Volition did a major faceplant.


You are one person of millions, I played most of SR coop.

kevnb226d ago

We forgot that the world revolves around you.

blackblades226d ago

@PeaSFor yeah but All that awesome sauce didn't include coop imo.

Lord_Sloth226d ago

You're saying that since it wasn't an issue FOR YOU that nobody else felt it was an issue either when co-op has been a part of the series since 2's release.

Servbot41226d ago

Not my fault you don't have friends to play games with.

Servbot41226d ago

No co-op means three copies not sold across myself and my friends who loved the Saints Row co-op.

ccgr226d ago

Glad I avoided that one

PhoenixUp226d ago

There should've been multiplayer in this kind of game

blackblades226d ago

Not every game should have multiplayer.

Pintheshadows226d ago

I agree with you blackblades, but this one really needed it. And clearly had it at some point because of the mission structure. If it didn't it just had bad mission structure.

gangsta_red226d ago

This game is a game that needed multiplayer

PhoenixUp226d ago

This type of game absolutely should

gangsta_red226d ago

This is why Gamefly is a life saver. Rented this game through their service and after a days worth of playing I instantly returned it. Nothing about this game was charming or interesting.

Servbot41226d ago

Yup if you live next to a shipping center, Gamefly is king. Rented Shadows of War, should be here tomorrow or the day after (because of Columbus Day). Get to play the game and not support publishers who shove in shady loot boxes.

Spenok226d ago

I saw it went on sale through them for $20 pretty quick. I was tempted.

Cybermario226d ago

the game promised a lot, shame they ruined it

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The story is too old to be commented.