FIFA 18 vs PES 18 – Head To Head To Graphics Comparison

Which one takes the lead?

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Nacho_Z432d ago

Terrible model of Oblak's face in Fifa, looks nothing like him. Not much to choose graphically although I prefer the brighter and cleaner look of PES. The fact it's a far better game doesn't hurt either.

nismo370432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

PES 18: When you view the close-up shots of the players, it looks impressive and detailed, but from afar, the stadium, players, and fans look blockish and not what you’d expect from an eighth-gen title.
Fifa 18 much better

Dirty_Lemons432d ago

It's been a long time since I invested in yearly football entries so I'm quite out of touch, is the war between FIFA and PES even still existent? Or competitive, for that matter?

Nacho_Z432d ago

Very much so, you can see from the video that they're on a par graphically. Gameplay wise, Fifa provides end to end goal fests with multiple goal of the season contenders in every game whereas PES is more measured and realistic. Depends what you're looking for but they both have merits.

Wouldn't consider the Xbox version of PES though because you can't sort out the licensing issues by downloading options files like you can on PS and PC.